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I am buying AR-15's...One for me and one for the wife. Never wanted one before, but I think they will make great investments. Goal is to have those, a 9 MM his and hers, and a .308....That will be it.
Feb 18 2013 12:55 AM
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    I used to love love shooting my hubby's uncle's AR-15 with open sights. Light and surprisingly accurate even with me firing.
    Feb 18 2013 07:46 AM
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    Colonel Rhubarb
    No, ugly horrible things, modern automatic weapons. I'd have anice handmade Shotgun or hunting rifle. Nice bit of craftsmanship there.
    Feb 18 2013 08:07 AM
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    I thought gold was the best thing to invest in. How about a gold AR-15, now thats what i call an investment.
    Feb 18 2013 11:53 AM