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Getting death stares from Ralph (my Bearded Dragon) for taking his cave out, so he can soak up some of his UV like he needs. Lol wonder what he's going to be like after his daily inch deep soak. Because he needs water but won't drink it he gets placed in water to keep him hydrated
Mar 12 2013 01:10 AM
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    Ralph Lauren shades! lol
    Mar 12 2013 08:04 AM
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    LOL.,. Try him on some Mellon, he'll love it!
    Mar 12 2013 10:14 AM
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    Because he wont drink he needs to hydrate other ways normally they drink. Lol El, Ill give melon a try he got given carrot when he was younger but refused to touch it
    Mar 12 2013 11:18 AM