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Okay, I found this REALLY addictive app game for kindle fire called "Oregon Trail: American Settler." It's kinda like Frontierville on Facebook. Does anyone else play this game? It's free.
Apr 03 2013 10:17 PM
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    Odd Requiem
    The original Oregon Trail was the greatest game ever...in elementary school. Until your entire family caught the smallpox and died...so it was just you and the oxen...and then when crossing the river your damn ox woukd usually drown. Lol memories.
    Apr 04 2013 05:16 AM
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    The Oregon Trail TV drama was a great show. (1970's)
    Apr 04 2013 05:26 AM
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    How the West was Won ...

    made me wanted to be a mountain man and buy me a bowie knife ... and grow some facial hair
    Apr 04 2013 02:36 PM