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My Memories of New Orleans

Posted by , 02 September 2005 · 153 views

I Care
This thread is a place for people to post their memories of New Orleans.  

One reason why I think I am physically feeling the effects of New Orleans is because of the love I had for the city and the many, many, wonderful memories that can never be relived.

An entire city is dead.  And I mourn the loss.  Not just for the peoples shattered lives…but for the City itself.  

Here are a few of my memories:

Jackson Square…a place where many artists hung out and displayed their work.  I remember several black guys making their living by standing on a small crate…standing perfectly still, like a statue…themselves painted entirely silver…face, hands, everything. And you would just throw some change in their box …another guy who wanted to bet me 5 dollars that he could guess where I bought my tennis shoes. Cafe DuMond.  famous for its begnets (donuts without the holes) and coffee. (pronounced ben-yays).  Open 24/7.
Smoking cigars in the lobby of the Holiday Inn…better known as Chateau Le Moyne.
Mardi Gras twice. Once the place was so packed you couldn’t move…the next year it was desolate…the NO Police were on strike.  Walking down by the river….eating, eating, eating…the drunken debauchery in The French Quarter…the ‘queens’…
I loved New Orleans…and now it is dead.  And I am sad.  And I grieve for the human tragedy.

It saddens me deeply, too joc. crying.gif

Cafe DuMond had absolutely the BEST beignets...The Three Sister's Restaurant and listening to Pete Fountain at his restaurant were also great places to spend an evening or have brunch.

Watching the street dancers, musicians and all of the other artists was a source of great amusement everywhere you looked.

The museums, those beautiful old houses with the courtyard gardens and wrought iron balconies. It breaks my heart we had to cancel our vacation there last year. I was so looking forward to showing my husband all of the places that I'd been telling him about and now they are gone. crying.gif Along with several of our friends homes and businesses.
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The Skeptic Eric Raven
Sep 03 2005 10:12 PM
In my youth I lived about a hour from their in MS. I spent many a night there. I don't think it will truly ever be the same. I even doubt they will rebuild it.
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