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Water - cure for dehydration

Posted by Paranoid Android , 21 September 2006 · 451 views

You may think it an obvious statement - water cures dehydration.  I mean, it's a known FACT, right.  So if this is so, why don't Mount Franklin or Evian and the like advertise it as such.  It'd make a great advertising slogan - EVIAN WATER:  YOUR CURE FOR DEHYDRATION.

You know why it's not there, right?  

Believe it or not, it's against the law.  Only the medical association can announce that a product "cures" anything.  If anyone else says it, and they have not approved it, then the product is breaking the law hmm.gif

And the medical association is only going to approve something as a medicine if they get revenue out of it (yep, it all revolves around money).  Water can't be patented.  Water can't be restricted and distributed by the elitist minority.  And so it is not listed as a cure.  

This begs the inevitable question.  What other products are out there that the medical association has not verified because they can't control it.  We know there are many natural remedies for ailments and injuries that work better than the synthesized drugs of the medical industry.  But because they can't be controled, they cannot be listed as cures.

How many people are out in our world dying from sickness and disease because the money-hungry multi-nationals find it in their best interest to squash any alternative to their harmful prescription medicines and invasive medical procedures.

If there's a satisfactory answer to this conundrum, someone please inform the FDA

Sep 22 2006 06:45 AM
It's true what you're saying there PA. It's kind of like chemotherapy, it kills more people than it saves, it's a money making racket.
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