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Giants, the Great Men of Renown

Posted by Magnatude , 31 January 2008 · 536 views
Ancient Whispers
Over 26,000 years ago...
An essence permeated everything as it always had for eons, the essence of consciousness.
Finally it was realized in Adam. Adam became aware, Adam received knowledge.

Throughout the span of mankind, man himself had lost his keen senses, his animal strengths.
As knowledge was now his tool, slowly he gave way to its advantages and...


My Life Changing Experience

Posted by Magnatude , 20 August 2007 · 441 views
It happened when I woke up one morning at my girlfriend’s apartment.
I remember laying propped up by a couple of pillows behind my back and I pondered on my tasks for the day.
It came over me from out of nowhere, the very essence of everything slid away like panes of transparent glass revealing a sight that my eyes and brain were incapable of...


Ogg the caveman melts rocks...

Posted by Magnatude , 19 August 2007 · 398 views
Ancient Whispers
I would have like to be there to see how man came about creating metals…

I mean seriously, how did man figure out that taking chunks of rock with the shiny stuff in it, applying brutally hot temperatures to it and melting it (like he would think that heating it up would melt it) and cooling it off to shape it into a weapon.
I mean the “man” would have...


Time travel creates no paradox.

Posted by Magnatude , 19 August 2007 · 347 views
The Quantum Zone
My Theory of Time Travel
AKA: Time Travel creates NO Paradox.

To example this theory, I will use a cast of people:

The Cast:
Our “Origin” Time Traveler is “John”
Origin John’s friend is a Scientist named Origin “Fred”, he won’t be traveling, he stays behind to await Origin John’s return.

“Origin“: Is the exact time John leaves on his journey, we will...


The Central Theory

Posted by Magnatude , 19 August 2007 · 325 views
The Quantum Zone
Every person, from their point of view, will lead a full life.
This means you will always live out your years capable of being all that you can be.

Accidents occur, however you will seemingly be able to dodge out of deaths way.
You will survive every event.
You will always live out your “best case probability” due to your own survival instinct.

But there...

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