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Dying innocent

Posted by , 31 May 2005 · 353 views
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Dying innocent

Battered is my body now
Weakened is my soul
Darkness slowly closing in
Taking me away
All is gone but not forgot
For still I know the pain, the fear
And still I feel your presence here

My heart, it weeps
With crimson tears
For all that has been lost
My mind is screaming for me to run
To flee this awful place
But my shattered bones...


>Untitled Poem

Posted by , 31 January 2005 · 327 views
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Alone and Broken
Lost in the World Of My Dreams
I watch helplessly in awe
As reality starts to slip away

Now quietly my soul lies dormant
Waiting for my pain to subside
My fragile heart is broken now
Here it lies shattered among the stones
As i search for shelter from the tears
Falling like crystal raindrops
Playing a music so sad and clear...



Posted by , 29 January 2005 · 325 views
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She Still dreams about him, not all the time but enough for her to still remember little things that with time should have dissappeared, the smell of him, the taste of his kisses, the feeling of his strong arms around her. Things that let her know that no matter how much she wishes he would dissappear from her world forever her heart is still holding on to...

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