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Posted by , 29 January 2005 · 299 views

Stories and poems about random junk
She Still dreams about him, not all the time but enough for her to still remember little things that with time should have dissappeared, the smell of him, the taste of his kisses, the feeling of his strong arms around her. Things that let her know that no matter how much she wishes he would dissappear from her world forever her heart is still holding on to the way she used to feel.
Remebering isnt what bothers her its the pain she feels now when she thinks about him the wounds of betrayal and lies are still fresh and festering now from lack of compassion is his words she wishes she could make him pay or at least part of her does, the other part is with her treasonus heart and wont let her do it how she hates that part of herself. She also knows that letting go would be alot easier if she didnt have to see him all the time at school they share classes and friends and outside of school she cant prevent herself from seeing him at the mall with friends or with the new girl hes with its when hes with HER that its the hardest beacause she has to play nice with the girl she has nothing against the girl really just that the girl has him and she doesnt  when hes alone or with friends though its an open doorway for whatever especially when he starts throwing the insults then she can say whatever she wants he may be head and soulders taller than her and outweigh her by 50 pounds but when shes angry shes a very scary person and as he well knows a very passionate one as well.
Now shes sitting all alone as usual in her room and hearing the words played over and over again in her mind like a perverse song over and over non-stop " I didn't like you all that much Hell I Never loved you thats for sure and its not as if you loved me i mean you dumped me remember"
If he only knew the truth

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