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Posted by ShadowDancer , 01 March 2006 · 106 views


Most people fear change, they resist it with the very essence of their being. They prefer to remain in an uncomfortable or even miserable situation rather than take a risk in changing it, for fear of failure. But failure only exists in fear. All change is part of life's natural flow, nothing stays the same, it's impossible. People say they can't change a behavior, that it cannot be done, but we do it all the time, without noticing it, when someone is hurt often, they change into a bitter person, when someone is in Love, they become happier, this is all change.

Challenges are part of every day life, and with change comes new challenges and surprises.

In my life, I've tried to deal positively with change, I have welcomed it.
I like moving into a new home, I enjoy taking on a new job, a new challenge, or even changing my Self, working on my Self to improve the quality of my life for my own benefit.
there will always be criticism, people always compare to an ideal, and therefore living up to an ideal cannot always be done. But, on occasion someone can offer advice that feels like criticism.

Criticism can offend at first, but eventually, I've learned that maybe the criticism has a foundation of truth that I need to look at. (always keeping in consideration where the criticism is coming from)

Every change brings lessons to be learned, when resisting them we tend to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. The point in life is to grow, and with lessons learned we grow and become wiser.
"to resist is to piss in the wind, anyone who does will wind up smelling......"

Taking the bold step into the unknown can be scary, if we let it. Fear rules so much of our lives (unconsciously) and this fear comes from the programming that we are brought up with. It all depends on how we were raised. Adopting a new attitude can prove to be challenging but so rewarding.

In Light of this, I am thankful I have a Soul-Mate, family & friends that support me in my decisions and in the challenges I chose to face.

A new change is coming to me, maybe soon, maybe later, and yes, having a supportive husband does benefit me immensly, it gives me so many options. I am looking forward to this change, although I was resisting it, at first, being the age I am, and the fear of failure, but these fears are unreasonable ones, because in the end, I will get out of it, what I put into it.
What we think about manifests, and I am thinking SUCCESS! grin2.gif

"out from under"

To resist is to piss in the wind, anyone who does will end up smelling
Knowing this why do I defy
Cuz my inner voice is yelling
There is a fist pressing against, anyone who thinks something compelling
Our intuit we're taught to deny
And our soul we're told is for selling
Get out from under them
Resist and multiply
Get out from under precipice
Bless and see the sky

Mar 01 2006 06:49 PM
change is a very scary thing for most people...

I don't care for change but welcome it whenever it need be  yes.gif
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Daughter of the Nine Moons
Mar 01 2006 07:27 PM
Heh! Incubus!
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Mar 01 2006 07:37 PM
lol yes DOT, I loveth Incubus.................
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moe eubleck
Mar 02 2006 02:34 PM
metamorphosis is a good thing.

Its how butterflies are made.    original.gif
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Mar 02 2006 03:12 PM
good point Moe  yes.gif
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I really like this, you have a lot to say the subject.

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