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researching a house

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#1    kaliada


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Posted 23 September 2004 - 04:08 AM

Hello all, I'm a newbie from Australia and thought I would say hi before I jump in and start asking questions.  original.gif

So, Hi  grin2.gif

Ok, question. I believe that my house is occupied by the ghost of a young boy. I've seen him in the bathroom mirror (as has my cousin) and heard his footsteps in the hallway and beside my bed at night. I've also heard  a scream so blood curdling that I burst into tears at the sound of it. Unfortunatly I also dropped the plate that I was drying  disgust.gif. It's not uncommon in this house to get the feeling that you are being watched or that there is a presence in the room. Even my sceptic family admit that. And when our dogs are in at night they'll quite regularly follow something around the room with their eyes, with a low growl (I'm a HUGE believer that animals have a strong sense for the psychic and parnormal).

Anyway, I would really like to research my house to see if the young boy had any connection to this house or if he was just kinda lost? I can't help but get the feeling that he wants help  crying.gif and it makes me awfully sad to think the he is all alone...yes I'm very sentimental lol I don't think he means harm in anyway...I think he is just lonley and possibly scared.

Any advice would be much appreciated...thankyou  thumbsup.gif

Oh, and I've been really enjoying this forum and reading everyone elses experiences and knowledge original.gif

#2    Tia


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Posted 23 September 2004 - 04:30 AM

Hi kaliada,
  Did you notice his clothing when you saw him in the mirror? They may help to indicate where to go looking for any info on him. Remember though spirits can be attatched to a person not just a house, so finding out about him may prove difficult.
It might be an idea to help move him on. If you don't know how, you could try finding a spiritual group in your area.  original.gif

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#3    moe eubleck

moe eubleck

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Posted 23 September 2004 - 04:40 AM

Moe's advice to you ? Get him on video camera then sell the footage. You will be rich.  Then give Moe half because he gave you this idea.  thumbsup.gif

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#4    kaliada


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Posted 23 September 2004 - 04:50 AM

Thankyou for the advice Tia...didn't really take much notice of his clothes but if I do see him again I certainly will. Didn't even think about that. Thankyou for your advice, will look into it original.gif

LOL @ Moe, ok if I can be that sneaky I'll make sure you get a cut  wink2.gif

#5    joceeghost


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Posted 23 September 2004 - 04:53 AM

you can look up records of who owned the house property. I'm not sure there is a public record access there like here.  You can also see if any of the family had children by checking cenus, check death records for that adress or look up the address in old newspapers at the libery .  Also ask your ghost for help if that is what he wants.  If a name pops in your head go on it look up that person. etc.   I use to live in a house when I was young were a little boy was killed in the 1800's.  My mom looked up info. at the libery good luck I hope you help out your spirit. thumbsup.gif   cool.gif

#6    tigger



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Posted 23 September 2004 - 05:47 AM

yea do what joceeghost says.. go to your local council, they'll have all the records of the ppl that lived in the house, you may be lucky to find something out, if not.. chat to some of the older neighbors, they may know something

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#7    kaliada


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Posted 23 September 2004 - 09:42 AM

Thankyou so much guys! Will follow all your suggestions and let you know how I go original.gif

I love this site...definatly a wealth of information grin2.gif

#8    Snowbaby


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Posted 23 September 2004 - 10:48 AM

QUOTE(moe eubleck @ Sep 23 2004, 05:40 AM)
Moe's advice to you ? Get him on video camera then sell the footage. You will be rich.  Then give Moe half because he gave you this idea.  thumbsup.gif

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And moey will share it with the toxically cute snowy?? grin2.gif

kaliada Have u thought about trying th local library at all? U could research the local area about ur house. And also they might have backdated copies of newspapers. Have a scout about see what u come up with!

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