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My history about Astral Travel and Demons.

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Posted 23 March 2012 - 06:24 AM

 AnVil, on 23 March 2012 - 05:39 AM, said:

Typically most movies of this genre tap into and exploit the ego state of being. It helps to understand ego and i mean ego in terms of consciousness level. I mean this is why so many are entertained by this sort of plot line, because in reality the ego consciousness & ego subconscious is actually terrified of being replaced or losing it's position. The fear of death, the fear of being alone, the fear of being separated from the body. And so on.

You see the ego buys the illusion that it's the only existing consciousness, when it is not.  Far from it.

So movies which tease the ego through plot lines of demonic possession of the body, anything to do with losing the body to another force/entity,  and being trapped in the astral world etc, are all fear based scenarios to exploit you for your own ****s and giggles. That is why people love to be creeped out for their entertainment because it really is hitting a nerve point somewhere that they think is detached from reality ie 'safe'. I know, it doesn't really make sense why this should be enjoyable :unsure:  not when you begin perceiving reality  beyond the first 3 dimensions and sense the existence of the more subtle realities, the thought/mental/emotional realms and bodies. (Astral)

What it does have issues for is when a person is influenced by this level of programming and then wants to 'break free' - or 'wake up'. It's not just apparent in movies, it's all around us media wise. The terms and insecurities of the ego consciousness is in constant exploitation and jacked about all the time by ourselves, by each other, by other beings who know how ridiculously easy it is to manipulate the ego level of thought. It is a form of manipulation all-round because the media outlets are all wanting us to constantly buy into what they are selling. Be it info, news, music, material goods, lifestyle, celebs. In reality, it doesn't matter if the threat to the ego is scary or not, once the ego is threatened or baited, it tries to defend itself like a little child thug to hold onto its rights, privileges, and everything it has been sold into.  

So, much of this is for those who want to surpass the game of ego consciousness and not take along the personal issues/fears with them in their spiritual/astral travels. It is to an extent true that your experiences on the astral level will reflect your mind state, emotional state, and level of consciousness. As the saying goes,  as above, as below. That it takes a combination of working on things here as well as facing things there to eliminate and work through your fears legitably. Hope this helps.

"I wish neither to possess, Nor to be possessed. I no longer covet paradise, more important, I no longer fear hell. The medicine for my suffering I had within me from the very beginning, but I did not take it. My ailment came from within myself, But I did not observe it until this moment. Now I see that I will never find the light.  Unless, like the candle, I am my own fuel, Consuming myself. "
Bruce Lee-

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Posted 05 July 2012 - 01:52 AM

Hi everyone !! I'm new to this post. I made 4/5 astral travels along my 37 years old. I'm planning on getting back there. Just finishing couple of things in my room then I'll go to it.
My experience I can say:

When I was child I used to hear strange noises around my bed when sleeping.
Years latter when I was 30 I discovered the Gnostic teachings and started to practice.
First voluntary A.T: Darkness, voices, egos and I saw nothing else beyond the darkness of my room. I was able to "touch" the floor and furniture around. Even when it was all dark I saw like "fosforescence" aroun everything I touched. Like if everything I saw was made of some kind of strange liquid or water. I could "walk" around my room, with a strange sensation, like dizy or in some kind of drunk state but with full conciusness of everything. Like floating. Many months later I learned that things I saw belong to the "Low-Realm-Of-Astral".
Because my soul was vibrating with fear when I left my body. So fear, didn't allowed me to see my physical body. I started practicing egyptian Pranayama ever since. I stopped watching horror movies, *spam filter*s and Science Fiction movies. I stopped m********ion and started Scientific Chastity. I was single back then.
I started to eat light and well and started to go to the health club. Never felt fear again.

Couple of years latter I had a new A.T., but involuntary in the house of my brother.  I saw the egos of my niece trying to attack me but I rapidly started to Pray and I woke up. Never came back to the house of brother ever again.
Now, I'm about to reenter the practices to go back to astral world and seek help and guide of my internal master. I'm looking the way to achieve the light and being able to help others. But for that, I need first to complete my formation. I know I will find many answers.
My little humble recommendation:

Try to eliminate egos, asking your Divine Mother (wich is a part of your very pure soul) to eliminate them in the name of JesusChrist or Krishna or Budha or whatever master of religion you have faith in.
Every thought you have, that takes you to "forget" about the "precise and now moment" you are living now and that takes you to identify it with you is an ego. We have thousands. Since the world of illusions is greater than ever before. This is a real nasty age, but is also an oportunity like no other to achieve the light, without the need to die "physically". Seek for help in Gnostic Teachings, Gnostic Forums. Very ancient masters of Egypt are still in the Astral and can help you.
Good luck my friend. Some day we all those who seek the light, we'll meet us there. I love humanity and I hope I could return in a future life to help a new race of humans seeking for light and spiritual evolution in this or another "Cellular-3-Dimensional" world of manifestation of the physical.


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Posted 12 July 2012 - 11:58 AM

How do you find/acquire a spirit guide? And could I ask for a positive guide who would pull me to the astral realm and keep me safe?

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Posted 13 July 2012 - 06:15 PM

Your story share a common thing with most story : "poking". Yes, I experienced that many times and I don't see where's the fun of poking someone at all.

 Thinking Twice, on 12 July 2012 - 11:58 AM, said:

How do you find/acquire a spirit guide? And could I ask for a positive guide who would pull me to the astral realm and keep me safe?
You don't need one. You astral body is invulnerable and you also got powers in the astral realm!

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Posted 14 July 2012 - 05:50 AM

 Thinking Twice, on 12 July 2012 - 11:58 AM, said:

How do you find/acquire a spirit guide? And could I ask for a positive guide who would pull me to the astral realm and keep me safe?

Throughout our lives there will be many guilds, helpers, teachers...companions along the way. Some manifest in the physical here and now but as for answering your question in regards to one to help you in the astral realms....... There is a simple mediation/visualisation that you may choose to try.

The thing is.... 'When the student is ready, the teacher appears'...This is very true in all aspect of living a life. Sometimes we are unaware the teacher is even here for they may seem to be the student themselves or an annoyance, irritation or disruption to you. That said....
You know to use your mandala upon going to sleep, right?
Well, you can also add a symbol of your own to it, to protect you whilst you're gallivanting off somewheres astral....This symbol is personal to you, as personal as the electrical mandala/dreamcatcher/web. It may already be there from when you meditated on the Mandala...You will see it appear before you. This is an added assistance, a comfort if you will.
whilst you are bodding about.
The mediation to meet your guild...
Start by counting from 300 to zero. This is done on every out breath e.g. breath in , breath out, 300. Breath in, breath out, 299. Breath in, breath out, 298 and so on..It will take between 15 to 20 mins depending on how you breath and how well you can count down. :D

When you get to zero, if you are still awake and haven't dozed off into the best sleep ever :sleepy:
You will see before you some old worn stone steps, worn by all those who have gone before you doing the same journey.
Besides the steps you find a heavy old sack full of smaller boxes, this sack is heavy with all the burdens you have carried around with you all these years.

Picking up the sack, you start your decent down the steps.
One by one, with each step you take, you off load the burdens.
With each step, more and more burdens are discarded as you go...until.

You have placed down and let go all the burdens from your heavy sack.

Having let go, you have no more sacks, no more weight  to carry.
You are now at the bottom of the steps....taking the large old sack empty of the burdens use it as a seat and sit for a while resting at the bottom of the steps.
You are in a beautiful safe place the stars above you. you sit for as long as you need to enjoying the peace and quiet.
When you are ready....
You look back up the steps and see that the old burdens have been transformed into beautiful lantern to light your way back up the steps.
Back up the steps you climb.
As you climb you sense how light you feel, the steps are easy, you are lifted up higher and higher without any strain, nor effort.
Without the burden the path is easy and light.
When you arrive back at the top of the steps...
Your teacher/guild will be waiting for you.
You may not see them at first but you will sense their warmth and love for you.

Now, if you struggle with this,
No worries, you have now sent out a clear message to your guild to join you.
Next time, you do this meditation, your guild will be there. Next time, there is no need to walk down the steps off loading your burdens. Only to walk down them as light as a feather and enjoy the peaceful landscape you have created for yourself...and then when you are ready... Up the lighted pathway to the top and beyond..
May be, you will only see or hear them or only sense them but they are there. Always here to help you....The knack is to be open enough to hear, sensitive enough to feel and quiet enough to listen. :)

I hope this helps you.
Yet, remember this...There are many roads, many pathways to get to the same place...This is one of countless mediations which can lead you to where you need to be and who you need to meet...enjoy the journey.

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Posted 30 October 2012 - 08:44 PM

 MattAsh13, on 22 March 2012 - 05:59 PM, said:

Thank you for looking into my story. I have to agree with most of what you've said on all of your replies. What bothers me the most is when I watch scary movies, I do not have any fear of all those images. Images of scary faces, or images of dead people in real life. They do not really scare me at all. I am not even afraid of the dark. I am only afraid when it comes to projecting my self into the astral realm. In reality, I know those scary ghosts do not exist. Therefore I do not possess any kind of fear for them. But if I were to meet with them in the astral realm, I would be terrified, because what I am seeing is reality.

Besides that fear, I have this other thing bothering me as I sleep. I've had this way before my astral projections. It's this thing I call: Corruption. To people, corruption has no image, it has no form. Corruption is only an essence and it can be disputed into the actions and behaviors in human beings. But I have seen this... horrifying image that I call "The True Corruption". Ever since I was young, about 4 or 5, every time I got sick, I always saw this image: It's black and white. It's like static when the TV breaks down, but much more complexed. It's also like a bunch of odd looking cells devouring and consuming other cells. And it's also very compacted together.

I'd always have them when I dream while having a fever or any sickness. But sometimes they flash at random if I was awake. It always hurt me every time I saw it. My brain would hurt and I would just curl myself up immediately. As I grew older, about 9, I stopped having it. But again, like the astral projections I'm starting to see it once in like 2 or 5 weeks. Is there something wrong with me? Anyway, it's 2 am where I'm at, so I'm gonna go to bed. And maybe I'll get to face my demons. If I get the courage to let my soul float.

If you concentrate hard enough on your corruption and allow it to consume you as you allow the sounds, you will fall into your travels. It will take you into the astral realm.

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