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Zarkor and Zerak's Adventures Preview

Posted by StarMountainKid , 16 June 2012 · 647 views

Well, here is some more meaningless stuff about my space alien friends Zarkor and Zerak and their Adventures. This Preview, for instance:http:

Zarkor especially was excited to watch this Preview I made. The only complaint he had was, it didn't present him in a more important manner. I did include his propensity for dumb luck, though. I was careful not to mention that his dumb luck is mostly due to the artificial Dumb Luck Implant in his brain. It's a technological device that induces neural pathways to accentuate the very real "luck field". This is sort of similar to the electromagnetic field, but instead of producing electrons at its nodes, the luck field nodes enhance coincidence.

We all know coincidence is a basic element of the physical laws of the universe, though usually it is detrimental to our mental well-being. As when we unexpectedly run into a relative somewhere, for instance.

Anyway, I've been busy re-editing Zarkor and Zerak's Adventures on Youtube. I must admit these videos are mostly ignored by those who watch Youtube videos. What I really mean is, they receive no notice at all. This is ok with me, but of course Zarkor's ego is hurt by this universal indifference. Hurt is a mild word. What I rally mean is he is outraged with disbelief. How could one of the greatest intellects of the Galaxy be so totally disregarded in such a blatant manner by such an insignificant species, inferior Humans?

This is one of many reasons Zarkor dislikes we Human Earthlings. He holds us in contempt, to say the least. Well, except for punk rockers. He tolerates punk rockers,  because of their total disregard for the conventional norms of society, as he does. Plus, he likes their music, which annoys his friend Zerak no end.

Here he is in his disguise as a punk rocker: Attached Image

I guess it was a good enough disguise, because some female punker invited him to a party afterwards. He didn't go, though. Zerak wouldn't let him. The last time Zarkor tried to assimilate himself into an alien culture there were disasterous results. The riots, the famines, the mass suicides, the environmental chaos, the fierce battles between nations,  volcanoes, earthquakes, the sinking of continents, not to mention the near destruction of the entire planet itself.

All these disasters we were spared, thanks to Zerak. This time, anyway. But, we must remember, our two friends have bravely saved the Universe many times from evil villains. We must thank them for this, even though here on Earth we are unaware of their heroism elsewhere in our Galaxy.

Yes, these creatures are quite famous throughout the various Galactic civilizations, but not well-liked personally. This can be easily understood, as most extra-terrestrial societies are mostly made up of accountants, lawyers, insurance salesmen, television actors and advertising executives.

You think it would be thrilling for a UFO to land and to meet its alien occupants? Forget it. They most likely would represent some Galactic Corporation, and would want to sell you some useless, overpriced device that you wouldn't understand how to operate, and would soon break. And the shipping cost back to the factory would be astronomical.

Believe me, life is the same everywhere in the Cosmos. The only thing that saves us are occasional selfless heroic acts, as Zarkor and Zerak often accomplish, though in their own absurd way.  Aided by the Dumb Luck Implant, of course.

If anyone should be interested in this Episode wherein Zarkor visits Earth, here is a link.  It’s in HD so you can see it better.

I must warn you, you must have innocence, patience and a child-like mind to watch these video comic book type Adventures. This is probably why no one actually does watch them. What the value of innocence, patience or child-like minds is in our real world is debatable.

These qualities either will get you in trouble or ignored and pitied by rational adults. I know this is the price I pay for being me. Thought I'd present the Episode, since I don't know how to link to it:

So, as our space alien friends Zarkor and Zerak go their merry way, I will, too. So, bye until next time.

The two Z's - good to hear from them.  The punk rockers thought they wanted anarchy - what they got was Zarkor
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Jun 17 2012 04:19 AM
i have been planning to watch your videos but the honest truth is, most of them are way too long. i, personally would enjoy the stories more if they were typed out on your blog or something like the other ones.
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Jun 17 2012 03:29 PM
I know, you've said that before. They're all about 10 minutes long, although some have several parts to them. How many 10 minute intervals in a day do we spend bored, doing nothing?

I guess the era of silent movies is way past.

Your're young, when you get older you'll slow down and be more patient and your attention span will increase. Maybe still not patient enough, though lol. My video stories are what they are.

Besides, Zarkor doesn't like my written stories because his face isn't in them. I'll see what I can do. I'm trying to write a story about Prof. Schmaltzenberger's invention of his Time Machine. Will see if that turns out.
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Jun 19 2012 06:43 AM
oh i must've forgot.

the time machine story would be interesting
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