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Giant Shark Megalodon caught on tape?

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Posted 14 January 2007 - 03:31 PM


The whole point of this is that the Sleeper is a huge predatory shark even if more related to the Dogfish Sharks than to the Great White/Meg.  If some of the accounts of huge examples are true, then a gigantic predatory shark still lives in the ocean even if it isn't a "Meg".  A sixty foot "dogfish" would still a sixty foot predatory shark, even if Megaladon sounds more impressive.  Perhaps the biggest predatory shark ever, is still among us, and is a Sleeper and not a Meg.

Is is a miconception to believe the "biggest" anything has to be "prehistoric".  The biggest animal ever is the Blue Whale.  The biggest "toothed" carnivore is also alive today, the Sperm Whale, and perhaps the biggest non-plankton eating shark ever, is not an extinct meg, but a very rare, enormous Sleeper.   If some of the reports are true, it may take over the Sperm Whale as the largest "toothed" predator.

The sleeper IS a dogfish, not just related to them, however this animal is no bigger than 7m, which is big enough. There is nothing to suggest it ever reaches those sizes, even 7m is very rare. Just like most whites are not 10m long.

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