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Rainy Morning

Posted by sarah_444 , in poetry 02 June 2012 · 343 views

waking up
to another rainy morning
windows vibrating and
shaking from the wind

soft, shy growls
lie at my feet
of the rumbles
that soothe my heart

tangled hair
sleepy eyes
scent of chai
passing my lips

pitter patter
on the glass
let me in
and letmeout

forcefully falling
leaping repeatedly
hitting the ground
again and again

frail splashes
with combined force
fill the rivers
and cleanse the earth

stir the waves
of the seas

rain always seems
to make me smile
maybe it'll stay
a little while

I love rain, tea and sleepy mornings.... a lovely, very simply written  poem that was a delight to read.

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Jun 03 2012 03:36 AM
Very nicely done, Sarah.  Your poems always come to life.
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Lovely. Nature is truly beautiful in such fascinating ways - even in its most simplest forms.

I've always loved the rain too - from as far back as I can remember.
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