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Clouds and progress

Posted by White Crane Feather , 20 April 2011 · 189 views

Vision log

April 20th
Initiated vibrations this morning. Kids were up even on the sofa with me. Vibrations came once I  sat up, was out but didn't think so, because the kids were looking at me. I laid back down then relized I was out. 

I initiated vibrations about half an hour latter. I exited by just getting up again. I walk straight across my living room, then turned around and walked back and studied myself lying there in trance. My wife was up and about. I could sense her moveing around getting ready for work. Odd now because she was only in my vision briefly, but I could sense all of her movements, I could also sense another spirit with her following her around. All of it seemed perfectly natural at the time. I have never really been conciouse of this sensing. It is a new experience, but it did not seem new at the time. This other spirit also seemed perfectly natural and did not even perk my curiosity. I'd did not occur to me until just these moments while journaling why..... My wife is 8 months pregnant. The other spirit must have been my unborn son Logan. 

Not wanting to mess around with control issues ( I'm sick of little problems) I thought of Neo on the movie "The Matrix" . I nelt down on my knee gathered my thoughts and shot straight up through my roof into the sky. There is a small weather system right now, so I shot straight up through the clouds into the warm spring sky. I spent the better part of the morning diving and soring around mountains of clouds. The sun felt wonderfully warm. It made my skin tingle. It was very extacy like warmth. After a while I went back to may body. As I came back I felt the vibrations fade. I felt very good and rested. Something is different. This confidence I have sudenly acheived is a bit of an apifany. Just out of curiosity I laid back initiated vibrations and exited again. Stood in my living room looking at myself fir a moment then I watched cars that my kids were watching, then returned. Vibrations were nearly instant. Then I did it again just to see if I could do it as fast. It worked.        

Wow! I'm not sure where all of this control is comeing from. It was sort of a decision to act like neo, then all of a sudden I have perfect control. Confidence is the key. It's 10 am now, and I can still close my eyes and make the vibrations come. They also feel a little diferent. They are warmer and more pleasurable now. I feel rested, excited, energetic, and ready. Flying around the clouds was increadibly satisfying. I wonder were this came from. The class I have been teaching for a earth spirituality group may have something to do with it. I just taught Monday and verbalizing everything in person, then getting a tremendously positive reaction from people. Questions, excitment from them, then a profound thank you at the end with Hugs and watching their egerness.

One girl was in tears at a vision she had had during a drumming meditation I took everyone through. She described an Indian shaman that came to her and told her everything would be alright. ( I actually molded my drumming session after a psyco therepy called Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR). But it was pretty profound. She even described him exactly like a spirit that has come to me and helped me on several ocasions.

Another older man, who I thought was a bit put off by my comfort with flying around with spirits and such, aproached me afterword. He had been meditating for years, and was excited that he might be able to leave his body. His journies had always been in his head and more imaginative. He was under a very popular misconception that I see all the time with shamanic journies. Shamanic journies are OBEs, not just a meditation. 

Anyeway, I think I'm moveing into a new phase in all of this. It's exciting. I'm certain teaching others is extending my own skill.    

Apr 22 2011 02:00 AM
Unborn son? Jeeze... wow. :unsure: That was surprising... not sure how to make of it.
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White Crane Feather
Apr 22 2011 07:36 AM
Me neither..... All I know is that I sensed another spirit walking around the house...... Fllowing her.... At the time.... It seemed perfectly propper.  I can't explaine it any other way than that. Our due date is may 29th.  It's my only conclusion of why i sensed another spirit was following her around, and I was not alarmed.
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Apr 22 2011 06:11 PM
That's just way too weird for me. That's also hard to believe. One question- why don't people remember any of this? Is it because once you.. eh, "find your body" your memory is connected to the physical brain, not, eh, your "spirit brain." Once you die, do these memories come back? Sorry, sorta confusing.
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White Crane Feather
Apr 25 2011 02:46 PM
Nothing weird about it. Babies have spirits even if their not born yet. It makes perfect sense. If I was sensing  my wife, why not my son? I don't think if matters how weird we think it is. Normal rules obviously dont apply.  

Remember what? If your in spirit no one can see you why should They remember if. If your talking about your own experiences. Yes. According to Robert Bruce there are Several bodies, physical, etherial, and spirit. I'm not sure the difference eitherial & spirit. Remember astral experiences is about training these bodies to communicate better. That's what I read anyway. The reality of it is confusing I agree.
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Amazing story, great to share it with us. Congrats on the new and upcoming  arrival. +
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