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Tales From the Imaginaerum


DecoNoir Reviews: Jaws

Posted by DecoNoir , 28 July 2014 · 244 views

"What we're dealing with here is a perfect engine. An eating machine. And all this machine does is swim, and eat, and make little sharks..."

  The island of Amity has long been known as a premier resort destination. Its summers are an economic boom, and have become the lifeblood of the community. Now that lifeblood is being...


DecoNoir Movie Talk: What's the Purpose of Film?

Posted by DecoNoir , 24 July 2014 · 227 views

So who the hell am I to say what the purpose of an entire medium is? Well, I'm no one really (I'm an amateur film student with a review blog on a paranormal website for crying out loud). However, I don't really think anybody needs to be qualified in anyway to judge film, because it is such a universal medium. Any point of it could be enjoyed by...


DecoNoir Reviews: Metropolis (Restored)

Posted by DecoNoir , 21 July 2014 · 225 views

"The mediator between the Head and the Hands must be the Heart!"

  "In another time, the greatest achievement of man has been born, the city of Metropolis! A technological wonderland, bustling with life and light. Its residents shape the world in splendor while there son's roam engineered gardens in the company of...


DecoNoir Movie Talk: Are There Any Films I Don't Like?

Posted by DecoNoir , 19 July 2014 · 204 views

From my movie reviews, it seems that I may give a decent review for just about anything, and you'd be right for the most part! I love film and the work that goes into them, and can find something enjoyable in nearly every film I watch, even if I need to see it a couple of times before hand. Now this posses a question: Are there any films I hate? To...


DecoNoir Reviews: Beowulf

Posted by DecoNoir , 14 July 2014 · 241 views

"I am Ripper! Tearer! Slasher! Gouger! I am the Teeth in the Darkness! The Talons in the Night! Mine is Strength! and Lust! and Power! I AM BEOWULF!"

  In the year 507, on the coast of Denmark, a kingdom celebrates it's new mead hall, Herot. The Danish...


DecoNoir Movie Talk: A Night at the Theater

Posted by DecoNoir , 08 July 2014 · 228 views

By far, the majority of films I see are either over something like Netflix or on DVD/Blu-ray. However, on certain occasions I find myself and my compatriots in cinema free to hit up the local theater, perhaps once every few months. This isn't to day I don't go to the movies more frequently, if I feel a movie will be better served on the big screen,...


DecoNoir Reviews: The Terror of MechaGodzilla

Posted by DecoNoir , 31 May 2014 · 217 views

"Forward, Titanosaurus, MechaGodzilla, destroy them utterly!"
- Alien Leader      

After Godzilla had defeated his mechanical doppleganger, just barely, the menace lingered. After months of repairs, the people of the Black Hole Nebula are prepared to launch a final assault. They are not the only threat. Lingering off the...


DecoNoir Reviews: Godzilla's Revenge

Posted by DecoNoir , 30 May 2014 · 230 views

"Godzilla says I should learn to fight my own battles."
- Minya

In 1969 Japan, a young boy endures the hardships of life, namely bullies. Made all the worse by the absence of parents having to constantly work to survive, and as a result he is somewhat withdrawn from the real world. With only an old toy maker for company, he...


DecoNoir Reviews: Godzilla vs. Monster Zero

Posted by DecoNoir , 29 May 2014 · 230 views

"A happy moment..."
-Planet X Controller

Across the vast emptiness of space, two astronauts are about to contact an extraterrestrial civilization. The barren Planet X, long hidden from mankind by the immense Jupiter, is a shell of it's former self. Its people cowering like vermin to whatever life they can scrounge in the...


DecoNoir Reviews: Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster

Posted by DecoNoir , 28 May 2014 · 233 views

"Oh, Godzilla, what terrible language!"

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