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First visit

Posted by markdohle , 08 July 2006 · 65 views

First visit

I was on my way to my first appointment with the VA yesterday, had my directions that they sent me, and started off to South East Atlanta for my appointment.  I do not know that area very well, but the map was simple enough, so I did not think I would have any trouble.  Boy am I na´ve!  

After getting thru the first traffic jam, something that seems to part of any every trip to Atlanta, if going in the PM, I got to my exit with ten minutes to spare, and since the directions told me that the East Point VA was only 4 miles down on S Cleveland, I figured I would make it just in time.

After I went a mile and a half I saw a land mark, Fulton Hospital, and thought that I needed to go past two lights at Fulton Medical, so I was surprised to see it so soon. So I told myself that there must be another hospital further up, since this did not have Medical in its name.  When I got to the four mile marker, I noticed that I was on Washington St, and that was when I think my blood pressure began to rise.  Atlanta is famous for streets changing without any warning, and this was one of those times it seems.  So I turned around and started back.  As I was nearing Fulton Hospital, I noticed a small Fulton medical center sign on the lawn, so then I knew the directions were incorrect.  So I turned and went two lights past the hospital, but did not see any thing that would lead me to think I was near the VA clinic.  I pulled into a shop and asked direction to the East Point clinic, knowing it had to be very close.  Well it was, it seemed that Cleveland Ave, which is a main drag, suddenly stopped, and became a small side street, which I am sure most new comers would miss when looking for the clinic.   I tend to be compulsive about being on time, so I was somewhat anxious about the mess up, thinking that if I miss my appointment slot, I will have to reschedule, and with the VA that could be another long wait.

I finally got there, only a minute late, entered, got my VA card swiped, and then let the person checking me in, that the directions given to me were wrong.  She smiled and offered me an apology, it seemed that the person making up the direction made a typo and they were getting a lot of flake about it. All in all I think I did well in not letting my anger be directed towards the clerk, besides I made it in time, so no harm done.

The visit was good, fast, and the doctor easy to deal with.  They have to switch some meds that I am on for generic, and after trying them, if they do not work, then the brand name will be used.  I can also see my own doctor, in fact they encourage it.  All I need do is to fax in any prescriptions needed, and they will be filled by the VA.  I have to pay Six dollars per prescription, not bad.  I also have to go in every 9 months for a check up, and for them to make sure everything is all right.  Any major medical procedures will be done by the VA hospital, and if I have an emergency, go to the VA emergency room.  Or asked to be transferred from any ER that I might need to go to if my life is in jeopardy to the VA hospital after I am stabilized.

All in all it was a good trip, and I was in and out very quickily.  

I feel your pain.  Driving in downtown Atlanta is a nightmare and a half!!  At least you made it on time tho!!  Next time mapquest it just to be sure!!   thumbsup.gif
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Yep, you are right, double check.

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