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the Illuminati and the mindless sheep

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 07 February 2013 · 753 views

todays blog is about the following:the illuminati the real people in power and in control of the almost the whole world!!! the government people are just "PUPPETS" to the Illuminati they put them there and they tell us that our votes count and that we have freedom and democracy and the truth is we don't have neither.they plan our futures un what directions we go and etc.their influence is everywhere and it has expand over time.most people are mindless sheeps and slaves to the them and the systems they have out in place to keep us trap here.this informatiojn is not to scare you its to warn you and for people to wake up please.they want us to feel fear and be afraid and feel powerless.we are more and more powerful than they are we just have to take that power back and be positive,optimistic and have the most powerful force in the whole universe which is "love" we have unlimited inner power and we have unlimited inner potential as well.we are more and more powerful.most people need to wake up and take that power back!!!most people are mindless sheeps and slaves to the Illuminatyi and the their control sytems.laugh at me all you want,ridicule me or etc but the joke is on you not me.there are amazing people speaking the truth and being honest already and im gonna be doing my part as well.let the Iluminati gain more power,keep younin ignorance and in the dark and you will pay the consequences of their ignorance and etc.the illuminati are not new they been here for years and are not going anywhere anytime soon unless we wake up and beat them.remmeber people knowledge is light and darkness is lack of information.the mainstream media are controlled by them as well and the mainstream media is corrupt and they tell you false lies,misinformation and not the truth.its not in their interest people just know that.they own the mainstream media,hollywood,music industry as well

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