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Each day

Posted by markdohle , 30 May 2006 · 222 views

Each day so much like one before it
Just little differences
That make some stand out,
Even pondered,
While the rest sink into forgetfulness,
Never again to see the light.

Memories hide,
Buried in the cave beneath thought,
With roots deep,
Influencing in secret
That makes us a mystery to ourselves
In how we sometimes are.

Am I my past or am I  my thoughts at this moment?
What will I be in the future?
Perhaps I am none of these.
Something simpler,
Deeper than thought,
Or past and future,
Greater than the present
Deeper than time?

Am I truly who I am only in the present?
This moment,
This thought or experience?
Is the present all I have to stand on?
Godís present is all time
Mine this instant the doorway
Where I truly connect
With the All.

Just curious--what is your inspiration?

I mean of course besides your battle with anger... wink2.gif
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(((((what is your inspiration)))))

To become a channel for God's love.  I know this sounds silly, but I believe that is what we are made for, all the rest is either a detour, or an escape, that eventually leads to more choas and pain for everyone.  I am still on the beginning of my journey, still takes detours.

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Okay and another question if I may....Why do you only blog and not post in the forums?  wink2.gif
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((((Why do you only blog and not post in the forums?  )))))

Time constraint, today I have time, day off, but my schedule is "sh**".


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May 31 2006 07:11 PM
wow that was a beautiful poem Mark........ truly.
those detours are annoying eh??
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Thanks Shadow, yes detours can be annoying  blink.gif

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