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Your Faith

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#46    The Nameless One

The Nameless One

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Posted 16 July 2004 - 07:45 AM

I have faith that my Killians Irish Red will taste crisp, clean, and refreshing........ thumbsup.gif  

One night I ventured to my wooden rocking chair right outside my back porch, and I looked to the sky in the break of twilight, staring into the dark mirror of space, filled with sands of star dust, colossal supernovas and red giants, strings of wormholes and distant planets beyond my grasp. A place where tiny enigmatic hidden black holes tear through the fabric of space and time which, who knows; may lead into other dimensions and perhaps alternate realities. And as I look up at this heavens mirror which my hands can only reach so far through this looking glass, I felt an odd sensation of something looking back staring into my own eyes, staring into a whole other universe of which I new nothing about until I saw my reflection within it, and in that moment I then knew that the key which open the portal doors to parallel worlds was myself.    "The Eyes of the Universe, Chris Landrum"

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Quirky Aussie

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Posted 16 July 2004 - 04:30 PM

I am a Mormon.

I believe in the Bible and Book of Mormon
I believe that God loves us all, so much that he sent us his only begotten son to take upon the sins of the world. Jesus Christ will return again one day, so we should prepare for that day by becoming as pure and rightous as we can, so we and our families can live together forever with Heavenly Father, Jesus and the Holy Ghost in the Celestial Kingdom.  

#48    Wings of Selkhet

Wings of Selkhet

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Posted 16 July 2004 - 11:08 PM

I've kind of taken my faith from many different religions and adapted it to myself. Here's basically what I've taken from each:

Buddhism: I believe in the concept of enlightenment and that it can be achieved by many individuals, but I don't know yet what exactly it is. I think it's different for everyone. I believe that desire and selfishness can lead to suffering. I believe in meditation as an important part of life. I do not believe in Siddhartha or any other "prophets" as divine beings to be worshipped. Also, I'm completely sXe - I have moral objections to alcohol, drugs, and promiscuous sex.

Hinduism: I believe 100% in karma. What one does always comes back to oneself - I think that's just a universal law. I do believe in dharma somewhat - there are certain duties we must fulfill in each lifetime. However, I do not believe that they are set in stone. I believe in reincarnation as a journey that all must go through - however, I am unsure of where/how it ends. I do not believe in castes - all souls are equal in my eyes, regardless of social status.

Neopaganism/Native American spirituality: I believe that nature is to be respected and worshipped. I believe that plants, herbs, stones and other things have properties we do not fully understand. I believe that the passing of the seasons is an important cycle in human life, and therefore the sabbats are holidays to me. I believe that every human has the right to follow his will, so long as it harms none, including himself.

I do not know yet if I believe in any deities in the traditional sense. However, I believe that we are all connected - not just to each other, but to the earth, and the universe, and everything. I like to think of us all being strands in a giant web of energy.

I do not believe in any supreme evil force. Any evil in this world stems from human fault, not supernatural forces. And while suffering is seen as something malignant by many, it often leads to good. I do not believe any souls to be entirely evil. They will pay their karmic debt in future lifetimes, but they are not condemned eternally.

Overall, I am unsure of many things, but I am always exploring new ideas and beliefs. I do not believe in any one true path; I know that there are many. I am patient, because I know that I have many lifetimes to learn what I need to.

I guess if I were to give a title to my religion, I'd call it "Karmism." I like that. :-D

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i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

- ee cummings

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Posted 18 July 2004 - 02:17 AM

My faith.. uhm... .

I believe that all relligions are true
I also believe that all relligions are wrong

In many ways, I found many enlightening materials from many different religions. I enjoyed learning from all of them. Unfortunately a lot of religions are exclusive, for example, it is not possible to join Muslim prayers without being a Muslim. However, it is a good thing to have their wisdoms available in books, internet, and television. Maybe the most interesting thing about my faith is that believers and atheists alike tend to think that i'm one of them.

I don't believe in karma, the threefolds law, sins, the afterlife, or even laws. I built my morality based from the understanding of why we should do certain things and not others. I believe that the sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath. However I do believe in the supernaturals, but not necesarily a higher being. Off course, I mantain skepticism, especially against skepticism itself.

Maybe i can say that i'm a universalist.

#50    The Raven

The Raven


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Posted 18 July 2004 - 05:20 AM

QUOTE (odinsgrl @ Jul 11 2004, 11:01 PM)
I just consiter myself a Pagan. I worship many Gods, from many different cultures. I most closly identify, with the Gods of the Norse. I do claim, Odin as my Allfather, and Freya as my Mother Goddess.

I came to my beliefs, when I started on the Wiccan path. And although I still follow some of the practices of the Wiccan, I no longer claim it to be the one faith that I follow.

Odinists believe in honor, family, loyalty, and truth. They believe that life is to be lived to the fullest, and an adventure, while helping others along the way. These are qualities in my life that I hold dear,and I try with all of my being to live by.

I also try to incorporate the teachings of Buddisim, into my daily life. Not the Buddist religion, just the phylosiphy. To be simple.

On a scale of 1-10, I believe I'm a 6. I do not lie, cheat or steal. I stand up for the beliefs that I have, while trying to not make others feel wrong or misunderstood. I think of every other living thing on this planet, and in this universe, as a part of a whole, and should you harm one thing, you harm another.

I'm starting to agree with that more and more. I don't follow any religion in particular, but the obsession with the norse/celtic has grown into almost a faith. It seems as though I am in an almost purgatory religious wise, but I soon hope to emerge happy and independant.

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What brought me to the woods was the longing to be with words in an undistracted place. 'Woods' and 'words' were almost identical.

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Posted 19 July 2004 - 12:00 PM

I was brought up a Catholic, but haved turned freelance these days.

'The Pioneers of a warless world are the youth who refuse military service.'Albert Einstein

"The news and truth are not the same thing."
~~Walter Lippmann 1889-1974

#52    Spirit


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Posted 19 July 2004 - 06:04 PM

  I was born and raised a Catholic, i attended Catholic school for 11 years, I HATED EVERY MINUTE! from the word go i didn't feel comfortable in that religion, it was never for me.  To me it was too closed minded and resritcted ( sorry if i offend any Catholics, if it works for you thats great, but it truly wasn't for me.
I finally left school in May and was free to explore my own beliefs.  Thats how i got into Spiritualism.  You see, my grandma was a medium, and i'd spend hours talking to her about spirit until one day i decided i wanted to see things for myself. so i visited my local spiritualist church.  As soon as i walked in i knew that this is the religion for me. It made so much sense!  I was instantly hit my this overwhelming feeling of great love and light and i thought to myself 'why didn't i come here sooner?' i was getting hugs off total strangers and it felt like i'd finally 'come home' after years of searching!
Spiritualists have no specific creed or anything like that, but we do try to abide by the 7 principals, which are:
1.The fatherhood of God
2. The brotherhood of man
3.Eternal progress open to every soul
4. the continuous existance of every soul
5. compensation and retribution for all good and evil deeds done on earth
6. personal responsibility
7. The communication with spirits and the ministry of Angels
There are a few misconceptions about spiritualism which i would like to clear up now.  Spiritualists are not evil, we  do not worship the devil, we are not weird or strange or mentally unstable.
Spiritualists believe in a path of love and light.  Its pretty much the religion of the afterlife and of love. Our mediums are not greedy money grabbers, nor our churches. In fact we don't pay the medium, the don't accept money . We don't pay for spiritual healing, development circle etc... everything is free.  You can't say fairer than that, can you?
Spiritualists believe that when we die we go to the spirit world.  The spirit world is not just one place, it's made up of many different spheres. The childrens sphere, the darker realms, realms of light etc.... Life doesn't stop. It is as real in the next world as it is in this.  There are still churches in the next world, there are buildings, just like here, halls of music and learning, in fact if anyone would like to know more i strongly recomment the book 'Life in the world Unseen' by Antony Borgia.
We believe we are all spirit with a body, not the other way round and that God isn't a him or a her, god isn't a person, it's a higher power, a spiritual being.
  This is my religion and i love it. I am open to knew ideas and i love you all, no matter what you are. Christian, Jewish, Hindu,atheist, pagan, Wiccan, Buddhist, Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, green with purle stripes and red dots... i can't think of any more... love and light always!      Spirit xxxxx

Everything happens for a reason

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