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Another strange and vivid dream

Posted by White Crane Feather , 04 September 2012 · 569 views

This entire dream I was not lucid at all.

I was in a theme park with my two sons. We were haveing a tough time finding a bathroom. At some point we ventured into a game room and found one. At this point I noticed that a group of young teenage boys were makeing unusual glances at my pack while I was waitng for the kids to be done.

After leaving  (we had left the park), We were in a city ( its a city that I have deeamt about many times, I don't think its a real one...it's my inner mind construct) the boys were still following us. Being extra careful to guard my belongings, I was also worried they might try grab one of my kids.

Evenchually while waiting for a cab the group went for it. But I was ready. Two of them grabed for my kids and I restrained them with wrist locks ( small circle jujitsu) another made off with my pack. Which was fine I still had my little boys. I was very angry but a did not hurt the boys. I called the police from my cell phone. A couple of times they bit me and went form my eyes while waiting for the police to show up. It hurt!!!!

At some point I had them both pinned face first, but one of them managed t wiggle free the other one also took at vantage. While my efforts were focused on one the other got away while I was turned away. When I turned back, he had been struck by a truck trying escape. In shock and horror I let the other one escape.

I sat there for a few minutes. The boy was bloody mess and obviously dead. I have tried to resuscitate a woman in a car accident before, I know what peoples eyes look like when they are dead.

Not really thinking and still in shock I got my boys and caught a cab. A few minutes latter I'm being arrested, after the cab was pulled over.

I don't know what that dream is about. The city is becoming more and more familiar to me. I can pin point different dreams within this city and possibly even navigate to the sites of different dreams.

Maby it has to do with my fear of being to heavy handed with my students. I own a martial arts school and teaching young people to fight requires some tough training and lessons... I'm always always concerned something might go to far. A bad fall, a choke held to long, a kick to the head that is to hard... I guess its a good thine I am eternally concerned with these things.

Professor T
Sep 04 2012 08:57 PM
Informative dream.
I guess the overriding message is take heed. Your boys & sudents are your belongings, guard em.
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Professor T
Sep 04 2012 09:35 PM
Dang, too late to edit the above. What I meant was, sounds like one or two of your students may need a close eye kept on their intentions or else they might get themselves in trouble, & you in the process.
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