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Religion, politics and cultural brainwashing

Posted by markdohle , 16 August 2013 · 267 views

Politics and religion, they both burn deep and cause division and harm to others.  Neither can be gotten rid of.  When religion and the state get together, well it only gets worse.  For me it is about the will to power, so when religion gets power, as the Christian church did in the 3rd century, well the high post attracted different sorts of people, not good people.

I will fight against any state religion.  We have enough problems with the reds verses blue bull-s--t here in the United States, can you even begin to understand the horror if a state religion came into it.  Most politicians are corrupt, not all, but the lure of power is addictive no doubt about it.

The Christian path is not about power, or hatred, or screaming at others, it is about becoming Christ Jesus for others, it is about a participation in the life of God and in doing that, loving, praying and helping others no matter who they are or what they believe, it is about love.....though that word is over used just like the god word.  I would say that a devout Muslim, who understands that Allah is compassionate, would agree with me as well.  It is easy to slide into hatred, violence, harder to go against that and to seek the true core of any faith and live it out......that will go against culture brainwashing, which is just as bad as political or religious brain washing and much more dangerous in point of fact and pervasive.

Aug 22 2013 10:16 PM
I would stand with you against state religion. It seems in America the religious right won't be satisfied with anything less. My goal, personally is to live my life rationally and not by superstition
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Aug 23 2013 10:29 AM
I have no issue with people having their faith.. i am atheist, but I respect other peoples rights.

I agree that politics and religion need to remain separated.. no marriage.. not even an affair!
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