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Hip Hop entry #2 Revolutionizing Lyricism

Posted by seller2006 , 17 October 2011 · 449 views

hip hop rap poetry rhyming
‎my creative thoughts blow up like atomic bombs
explosive hot , lyrics are precious likes diamonds made under pressure
put you in a catatonic state , seal your fate
as i elaborate , exposin your game and provin your lame
shame that you can't compete on my lyrical stage, ever
my psychophysical verses will cage your every endeavour
i speak on metaphysical levels , its essential that you learn from my flow
if all you care about is dough, then your my most hated foe
im existential , you can't feel me but you need me
like an addict needs meth amphetamine
my verses flow like the effects of ketamine
my words are sharp, bursting the shop, hurting alot
but you ain't ever heard bout HAARP ,
words stuttering like I hit the right spot,

‎Thought patterns that process beyond ages of most rappers
hot lyrics that brighten the night like lanterns, your raps are a laughter
im the master crafter of my rhymes , often sublime, shocking like a crime
i spit bullets when i flow, my depth is deeper than we've explored
destroyed but i rose up and now i deploy my words with no hesitation
everything you spit is desecration to hip hop, your a pestilence for this spot
and i don't need to explain it for this block, all you do is just talk
acting all hot as if you walk the walk, im bigga than the crew you rock
so screw you doc imma infuse you with explosives
drop you like its hot, reuse the same verses that you aren't even birthing
this is just the beginning, of what im unearthing , aint no interrupting ,
disrupting nor corrupting my message, cause the divine has sent it
so its beyond your limit and above all gimmicks

Fakes rappers always talkin about flow when they aint got none
they rap to get paid, their game is to to get laid
so what was your last grade? probably couldn’t spell distortion
let alone rhyme it with corrosion, my job is to burn fake rappers to the ground
with explosions or implosions, as long as the result is destruction,
Im not an angel fell, but i do compel the listener to use their intellect
cause your logic is lame like as if the twin towers fell because of the planes
even college tells you to believe that the story is sane, the glory is cain?
My words are the pain that not even motrin can target, your lyrics
are cheap like you bought them on a bargain

Still Waters
Oct 18 2011 09:49 AM
You've certainly put a lot of thought into this one. I couldn't even begin to write something like this. Well done  :)
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Still Waters, on 18 October 2011 - 10:49 AM, said:

You've certainly put a lot of thought into this one. I couldn't even begin to write something like this. Well done  :)
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