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Levels of Possession - What's it like?

possessed possession demons demonic experiences

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#1    DoubtfulFire495


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Posted 10 August 2013 - 08:13 PM

Apologies if this thread's been done before, but I searched and couldn't find one like this, only individual experiences.

From what I've found through research and general curiosity, there seems to be different kinds of possession. I am by no means an expert (I hardly know about this stuff, hence this little thread of curiosity!) I'll list them from mild to most extreme.

1. Short-term, general moodiness. Aware and alert, but sudden onset of violent or angry thoughts towards other people. The sudden urge to choke, harm, or attack, but with full control over one's body. A voice in the individual's head may or may not be present, telling the possessed to attack, to hate, or whatever else. Feelings of coldness or tingling. Usually only lasts from a few minutes to a few hours.

2. Long-term. The same as 1, but ongoing over a period of weeks, months, or even years. Abrupt mood swings and bursts of anger. Individual becomes unpredictable and isolated. In some cases, the individual recognizes or even knows they are being possessed either through mutual agreement (in return for whatever the demon or entity promises) or through fear and lack of understanding.

3. Short-term, but more extreme. Blackouts may or may not occur, but the individual is usually immobilized due to the struggle to control one's body and mind. There is a literal war going on between the entity/demon and the possessed for control. Guttural or demonic growls, grunts, and "speaking in tongues" or gibberish. Cold sweats, shivering, an intense burning sensation over the entire body. The mind is foggy or barely there. This type of possession usually ends either when the individual wins the spiritual battle, an exorcism or blessing is performed, or the demon/entity wins and the individual becomes possessed more long term.

4. Short term, but the most extreme. Blackouts and "missing time" is almost always present, since most individuals don't even remember such accounts. Thrashing about, violence, scratching, biting, spitting or even vomiting can occur. An irresistible urge to harm oneself or others. Individual usually must be strapped down or tied up to prevent harm. Screaming, shouting, growling, and "speaking and tongues" or gibberish is still prevalent. This is full on possession, during which the individual has nearly or completely lost all control of the body and mind. In extremely rare cases, if the possessed refuses to give in but cannot win, the demon/entity will continue to fight for and ravage the body until death.Typically only an exorcism and/or daily blessings can free the individual, but some are able to fight their way out of possession.

5. Long term, usually taking place after 4 if the individual was not exorcised or blessed. They have regained control of the mind and body, but no longer feel alone, or feel as if some other presence is in their head. Voices issuing commands are common and the possessed follows such commands without question. Blackouts and "missing time" become a part of life. Random urges to lash out or hurt others or oneself, sometimes done on a completely conscious level but without any real reason. The possessed may or may not know they are possessed, but usually know that something is different due to the blackouts, possible sleepwalking, and uncontrollable urges to cause harm. Some individuals report that when they do disturbing or harmful things, they don't feel they are in control, or they feel as though their limbs are being 'puppeted' by an outside force. Exorcism, prayer, and spiritual strengthening are typically needed to free the possessed.

If I am missing any 'levels' or stages of possession, lemme know and I'll add it to the list.

My question is, can anyone elaborate on the different kinds of possessions? What does it feel like to be possessed? Where were you when you witnessed it and how did you feel?

I've heard many stories of possessions from close friends, all of whom I trust, but I'm always skeptical about it because I've never seen or experienced it myself. I'm forever looking to learn. :)

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#2    QuiteContrary



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Posted 11 August 2013 - 04:22 AM

Your 5 types above sound plausible enough, whether demon possession or something else entirely. There is nothing in the list above to turn me away as a skeptic. I just don't believe it is due to demon possession.

So, my question is, what about the other effects not mentioned. Where the possessed seems to have supernatural powers that are used to control their environment. That is, as opposed to only their own body's experiences: Hearing voices, vomiting, violence toward themselves and other, etc.

Is this type of possession strictly out of  "Hollywood" (houses shaking, things levitating, etc) or another type all together?

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#3    RockShaman


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Posted 13 August 2013 - 01:41 PM

Just a point about nomenclature. Often, you find those who categorize such things break them into Oppression and Possession. The general difference would be that oppression can exert influence short of control, and when control commences, they refer to that as possession. Can't honestly say I have seen all these levels given to it, but then again I never looked, tbh.


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