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Father's Day thoughts

Posted by Still Waters , 18 June 2011 · 359 views

So far all I've posted in my blog are a few poems I've written, and that took some courage I can tell you. Not to write them but to post them in here. Tonight I've got all sorts of thoughts going through my head about Father's Day which is in a few hours time here in the UK, on June 19th.

I'm not really sure what I'm doing right now, and I know this entry won't be of interest to anyone else but I just want to find a quiet corner to think out loud in because tonight I am thinking about the years that have gone by and especially of my dad who passed away on 11th October 99, and as another Father's Day approaches I know he's not here this year either and I also feel for my mum who has carried on without him for the past 12 years and misses him greatly as I do too.

So tomorrow all you people who are lucky enough to still have your dad in your life, give him a big hug and tell him how much he means to you and enjoy your day with him.

I know there are many of you out there who like me no longer have your dad in your life. I hope your memories tomorrow are good ones and bring a smile to your face when you remember all the happy times you spent with him.

Dad's are special, at least mine was to me.  :)

Daughter of the Nine Moons
Jun 18 2011 10:43 PM
I think you are a lovely lady Still Waters, I really do. :)
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a smile behind the veil of time,
whispers of eyes betrays the distance of tears,

still ...  the veil disappears,
memories melt over the years,

waters ... deep in calm reflections,
the gentleness returns, both in emptiness and presence...
a ripple announce the dance of a breeze,
the heart welcomes the return of memories, from behind the veil of time... and years and tears, with a familiar smile, he is again and forever here

~ :)
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Still Waters
Jun 19 2011 10:06 AM
:)  :) A very big thank you to both of you.

That was lovely what you said and you are both very kind xx
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Star of the Sea
Jun 19 2011 07:58 PM
Aw Still Waters, I miss my Dad too - he has been gone 12 years too, Jan 99. I tell my kids to enjoy every moment with their Dad especially as he had a heart attack 12 months ago and has heart failure at age 54. So, make the most of him as his health isn't as good as it was. That was a lovely blog and your thoughts echo mine :wub:
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Still Waters
Jun 19 2011 08:59 PM
Thank you Star of the Sea  :)

It's amazing how the years fly without realising it. I bet it doesn't feel like 12 years to you either.
I'm sorry to hear about your husband's heart condition and wish you and your family all the best. I hope you all had a very nice day today.

btw I like your avatar pics, they're relaxing to look at. I've been looking around thinking about changing mine but can't get the feel of anything I've found so far and if the truth be known, I'm too attached to my little seahorse  :D
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Seems i am unable to post on the profile pages on my mobile phone to reply there so i hope you don't mind my intrusion here with this belated note,  
i was inspired by your poems so it is i that thanks you more,
I wanted to changed the first line from 'a smile' to 'his smile' but an 'edited by' just spoils it
Happy that you liked it :)
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Still Waters
Jun 21 2011 09:53 AM
I do like it and thank you for reading my poems. I'm glad you like them  :)

You are not intruding in any way whatsoever. I really appreciate everything you've said and I thank you very much for that, and *hugs you* for your thoughtfulness  :yes:
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Your dad must have been a special person....to have such a special daughter.... :)
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Still Waters
Jun 25 2011 07:39 PM
Aww bless you for that. Thank you xx  :)

<hugs you  :)
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