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Like Mother; Like Daughter

Posted by Hasina , 09 January 2013 · 393 views

Raising three daughters mostly by herself was my mother's magnum opus to this world. While my father worked from five in the morning to arriving home at seven in the evening, my mother's life was ours.

Not once did we reward her with anything, except by learning what she taught us and taking it to heart. My older sisters took from her their studious and fastidious of way of working towards a goal. One of them is currently a model with Page Parks, the other is in college for criminal profiling.

From my mother, I learned two things: the love of family, and the want for it. I was an average student at best and I never found any subject to be of interest. The feminist in me balks at this (and the normal person balks whenever I think along the lines of a feminist) but the goal I had in mind for me in life was a family.

This goal of mine has been cut down at the knees recently. During my teens, my mother became a different person. She changed, her personality, and then the physical signs showed up. My sisters, being adults now, we're tasked with helping her out, while my dad maintained his job. These weren't happy times. It came to a head when one of my sisters discovered my father cheating. Just a year a later, my mother had passed away due to heart failure caused by her deteriorating condition.

My sisters take after my mother in that they are driven, intelligent, and passionate for what they do. I take after my mother by taking her faulty genes and deciding that I won't take that chance.

Star of the Sea
Jan 09 2013 07:56 PM
Hasina that was some blog you posted there. Thanks for sharing this with us and I think you come across as a very intelligent young lady. Sorry to hear the loss of your Mum. Wishing you well in all that you do:)
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Thank you Star, thank you very much. She was a wonderful mother and a good friend.
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Jan 09 2013 09:00 PM
I was wondering why you kept saying "my dad" all the time. Like Star said thanks for sharing, alot of courage to post something like that. Also sorry to hear too and there's a bright future for you I can sense.
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It's good that you are so close with your Dad despite his shortcomings.  But speaking as someone middle aged with no family, take the chance.  Wish I would have.  If everyone decided that the percieved shortcomings and heartbreak of thier parents were a basis not to have a family the human race would have been extinct before Noah was born.  I think you're a really cool woman.
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Solipsi Rai
Jan 22 2013 09:58 AM
I read your story, Hasina...it looks like you had a strong relationship with your mother who was an inspiration to you and your sisters. My own Mom never gave up on me when I grew up with autism; and I get along with my father, my parents divorced when I was young (age 7?). I knew you also loved your father, despite he worked alot and what he did in marriage. +
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