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My method

Posted by White Crane Feather , 26 February 2011 · 226 views

So I decided to condense the way I do things into one communication. That way I don't have to keep repeating my self. It will be on my blog and any new commers that come along can go there or I'll pm it upon request.

Seeke79's method. ( I take no credit for any of this, it's just what I  have learned through my experiences and the experiences of others)

Shamanic Journy / Astrial Projection

Spirit travel has been used for all of human history by shaman, monks, mystics, martial artists, saints, prophets, and spiritual seekers since the beginning of mankind. Most prophacies, encounters with spirits, angles, and higher beings occure in this altered state of conciousness and reality.

Below is a basic guide to acheive spirit travel. These mehods are designed to by pass hours of meditation and spiritual ritual so that you can follow a dayly practice and fit it into your schedule. 
Personal Conditioning
There are some basic things you can add to your lifestyle that will make your more sucessful in your spirit
Travel endevours.

•Extention to others
•Body awareness
•Meditation & Prayer
• Thanks giving
• Control and Elimination of fear
• Physical fittness
• Extention to plants, animals, and the earth

Things you will need
• Journal
• Comfortable quiet place to recline and meditate. 
•Some form of music player if you are going to use auditory aids.

Conditioning the mind

A relaxed, non-anxiouse, calm state of mind is important for spirit travel. Dayly problems and short term memory need to be erased and stored in long term memory so that your mental capacity for new information is clear. This is most naturally done while you sleep. A huge part of your success with spirit travel will depend on if you can get presleep. This is the part of the process that is most often skipped because people mistakenly beleive that projection is a form of sleeping. It's not. It's an altered state that is most easily obtained if your mind is rested. If you just try when you go to bed without presleep you will probably just fall asleep.

Presleep methods
• Late Nap Method
Take a Late nap from about 5pm to about 8. Then make your projection attempt at about 11 or 12.

• 3am method
Go to bed nomally. Wake up at 3am or 4am ( set your alarm). Read something or do something relaxing. Don't read a good book. Something like a magazine. Do this for about half an hour or until you feel grogy. 

Auditory aids
-Some people like to use these. I have had success using them, but honestly headphones are a distracting for me. I do still however listen to them during presleep. Experimentation is best to discover what works for you.
• Shamanic Drumming-- I use these ocasionslly
•Binural beats-- (basically a high tech form of drumming) these work for some people, and sceintific research has shown that they syncronize the hemispheres of the brain. ( I find them a bit souless snd unnatural, but others don't)
•Tibetan meditation music-- I absolutely love to listen during presleep.
•Native American spirit flute--- another that I love to listen to during presleep or meditation in general.

Vibration Induction/meditation
There are many different meditations for this. This is what works best for me.

•Before you start designate a specific place across your room that you will walk to latter. You also should not have a full stomach or a full bladder, nor should you be hungry or thirsty.

• Lay back on your back. There should be a slight recline. You should be warm and comfortable . Put your hands at your side and relax fully.

•Take a few deep breaths and ask the spirits to help you in your efforts.

•Close your eyes and notice the blackness behind your eyes. Look off into the blackness as if it were three dimentional space. Look slightly up.

•You should be able to see nural discharges. ( blueish purple swirling lights) everyone has them. Watch these with solitary focus.

•If any errant thoughts or scenerios start running through your head gently wipe them away and stay with an empty mind.

•If any pictures come into your field of vision, focus intently on them.

•Hold on to your hat!! With practice and a little luck at first, what happens next might blow you away. Your body is going to start vibrating. It feels like a mild electric shock running through your body. It's not painful, but at first it can startle you. You will also begin to hear a massivly Loud noise. It will sound like a jet engine or a water fall. It could have a buzzing quality to it or a wooshing helicopter like sound. These are your exit signs.

•When you have these sensations, it's time to exit..... But not before. Vibrations MUST be there.

•Exit. The two most easy exits are to simply get up as fast as you can or to roll hard to roll off your bed. Upon feeling the vibrations, simply get up or roll out. As if you were doing it physically. Don't worry your physical body should be paralyzed by natural processes. But your spirit body is not. As soon as you get up or roll out. Imeadiatly walk to your designated spot and turn around to see yourself.

When you manage to make your first exit it will probably shock you. This will make your first journey not very long. As you continue to practice you will be able to stay longer and longer. In time you will learn to walk through walls, fly, develop spirit tools, travel Interdimentionally, even speek with spirits.

Make sure to journal imeadiatly your experiences.

Remember that every person is a little different. Some people are naturals and it comes very easy. Others may take years of training before their first OBE. Don't be discouraged and allow yourself a regular practice. Also remember that once out learning to operate in spirit is like learning to walk all over again. There are stumbles and dry spells, but every journy you get a little better even if it seems like a set back.

Also remember that the spirit world will mirror what's in your mind. Wipe away any fear, anxiety, or stress before traveling.

Good Luck and keep me posted on your results. I'm happy to answer any of your questions.

i had these pre sensations before OBE but i am confused... i want to get out of my body but i cant get out...

now that i had your suggestion about rolling....i will try it..
nice blog..

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White Crane Feather
Feb 28 2011 05:15 AM
Good luck remember to say strong verbal afirmations.

"I will leave my body today"

Say it out loud and as loud as you can get away with.
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Jul 20 2011 12:24 PM
this is very interesting i have been following the threads here about ap so i will try your method, hope it works!!
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Jul 20 2011 10:38 PM
ok i tried last night, i am pretty skeptical i will admit, but i cleared my head and relaxed my body. I didn't do the pre sleep thing or go to sleep and then wake up later, i was tired and just tried that way. At first i kept affirming that i will have an obe and project and i had a positive attitude about it, i also asked for the spirits to assist me. After that i just stared into the darkness with my eyes closed and looked slightly up but its hard to gauge how far to look up, if i look up to much it hurts both of my eyes so i looked up enough so that they didn't hurt, for some reason my right eye lid kept opening a tiny bit and letting in light so it was a bit distracting and at first, i kept getting itchy but after a while i was able to block that out and just focus on the darkness. A few minutes later my body started tingling a bit and then i felt it begin to shake a little bit and the darkness started to get lighter, i kept trying for about an hour and i stopped shaking and nothing else happened so i stopped. I will try again tonight but this time i'm going to go to sleep and wake up and try.
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Mar 14 2014 04:05 PM
Good Guide.
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