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#16    timber


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Posted 04 January 2005 - 05:49 PM

Hey, if it is "actual", I would be running in the other direction. The only thing that talks back from the world of the dead is "familiar spirits" (demons) and I would be a "bit" hesitant about treading into that domain or they might decide to set up household with you or in you. ick. This is a misguided group of people encouraging this obsession with the occult.

Back in college I used to hear voices over my stereo system, which had no radio component. Of course I lived across the street from a truck dispatcher that had possibly the world's most powerful CB transmitter.

What we have here is a phenomenon that is ridiculously easy to fake, combined with a public that is easily charmed.

I tell you what. Find out if the "researchers" are using a Faraday cage to shield their receivers from ordinary earthly signal sources. If they are not, it's guaranteed bullshit.

#17    hollywood_vampire70


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Posted 08 January 2005 - 02:51 PM


hi everyone i was just curious if there has been anyone out there that had any experiences with evp known as electric voice phenomenon:) i would love to hear about everyone that has had any stories to tell about this original.gif thanks

#18    eveningsky339


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Posted 08 January 2005 - 03:19 PM


But I've heard of one lady who went to Gettysburg a few years back, and she got some evps that sounded like this:

"Pennsylvania can't save you worth sh*t."
"D*mn Yanks."
"Help me Brandy, help me!"
"Want go back home....Virgina...."

All the males mostly got cussed out but the females usually got pleas for help...intersting, no?

#19    Purple flutterby

Purple flutterby

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Posted 08 January 2005 - 09:49 PM

Hi Everyone,                                                                                                            Im new here so bear with me please!there was an interesting article in the Daily Mail  this week i saw on E V P which a guy called Penman (good journalists name i thought) anyway he mentioned that scientist arent far  from proving to the general public its genuine !.

#20    JickJack


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Posted 09 January 2005 - 04:18 PM

to the people that have tried evp, can it be done on a simple voice recorder, or do you need a special device for it?

#21    zudo


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Posted 09 January 2005 - 11:54 PM

I just saw that movie white noise... I'm rather disapponited It could've been directed so much better.. I screamed once though... *spoiler* I screamed at the part where he is at the car trying to save the baby, when that face came at the window, it freaked me out cause it looked like it was coming at me. What I hated were the shot angles, they weren't very well taken, and the three evil spirit things at the end mayde the whole movie a whole lot worse, it looked so artificial like harry potter! ahh thrre black vodelmorts! the serial killer guy was also stupid I think, and so was anna's face in the miosty cloud thing. The movie never took off the plot*End of spoiler*


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