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Lucid Dreaming - Manipulating Your Environment

Posted by Ever Learning , 04 June 2012 · 763 views

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This Blog is not completely about obtaining the ability to lucid dream but more about things i have learnt while being in a lucid dream. The things that hinder me in a lucid dream may be completely different from others due to differences in personalities.

Dream Creation

The ability to will any thing into existence, is one of the things i have enjoyed most about lucid dreaming. There are three ways to do so, i will start with hardest to easiest.

The first technique may be the hardest but is the most enjoyable to do, you start off by looking at the area you want to bring some thing into the dream reality. you visually try to imagine it appearing or being made. if you have any doubt in your abilities, you will most likely fail.

The second is the Moses technique, manipulating your dream environment to produce the thing you want to appear. What i mean is you take away the process of trying to make something appear and expect it to be under the ground. i like to Mose's it up and split the ground in two, like he was meant to have done to the sea. I intend for my dream creation to be in the soil, so when split it in two it appears where i intended it to be already made, with none of the mental processes of creating it visually..

The third and most easiest way to bring about creation is the peekaboo or its behind you techniques. The Peekaboo technique is very simple as you cover your eyes and then remove your hands expecting your intended creation to be there.( Covering your eyes  may have the undesired effect of changing the rest of the dream environment) The 'Its behind you' technique is the easiest by far and a risk free technique, you just turn round expecting some thing to be there and it will be.

I rarely stick to one technique, if one fails i normally try them all until the desired result is attained.

My next Blog will be about Dream travel and things you might encounter and how to over come some difficulties.

Good stuff. I think it's the faith part that allows or prevents you from these thing, in my case at least. It's good to know the part holding you back, even though I had a pretty good idea of it, but it's a whole different thing when you hear it from someone else who has been there and more.
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Ever Learning
Jun 04 2012 01:19 PM
i love hearing others experiences also as i have so much to learn my self. i have a friend who has just started lucid dreaming who excels in areas that i don't and vice versa.
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