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Not really a journy..., but hey

Posted by White Crane Feather , 24 February 2011 · 153 views

Vision log

Fed 24th 2011
Well another botched journy. I fell asleep on my coach and my five year old came down and fell asleep next to me. Something thst has been happening to much lately. Any way about three am a woke up. Then laid back down and initiated vibrations.

Upon exit I could tell something was wrong again. I was about to loose control.....again!!!--- i was disapointed because i thought i had mastered these problems a long time ago---Something was pushing me across the room. Very heavy on my left side. I was fighting it with all my strength. That's when I see it. A tall pail spirit very thin....smooth facial features. Bipedel... Not human at all.. At least it did not look human.... Interdimentional being? Alien? It was standing by my glass door. It startled me at first. I had not seen anything like this in my house before. I actually considered it a reapearance of the guardian again so I shruged it off and made a face at it to show it I was not afraid so go away. ( the guardian is a check mechanism for travelers. If your responsive to fear you should not be out of body. It comes back from time time to check to make sure you still are  psycologically sound to do this )

The spirit kind of shrugged and backed up through the glass door. That's when I knew I made a mistake. 

The dam preassure was trying to push me accross the room still it was kind of like leaning against a stiff wind, so I remembered something from one of Robert munros books about verbal afirmations. I looked up and shouted " give me control!!!!" imeadiatly the preassure stoped. Yes!! But the loss of focus was bringing me back to my body.  When I was back in, I kept my eyes closed. I was trying to initiate again right away.... Something I don't gave much luck with. I want to go see what that spirit is all about. I felt like a butt head shrugging it off like that. It's probably here for a reason. The preassure on my left was because of this odd way I had laid douwn. My son had slipped behind me so I had sat up but turned to lay on my left. It was putting a lot of preassure on my body. Same sensation I had while out when I isolate the pressure in my mind. I'll have to remember to be in comfortable relaxed positions. I have become over confident in my set up. 

Vibrations came but were to faint to exit, so I thought I would play with them a little bit. Push them around in my body. They disapated out the edges of my skin......wow!!! It felt like I was trembling. Someone I was trying coach online said they were trembling and asked me if that were vibrations....., I told them no. I wish I remembered who it was. It probably is skin deep vibrations. 

I brought the vibrations back inside of me as a test.... It worked.

I'm laying in bed now. And chills are coursing their way through my body in massive waves. That spirit is still here. It's waiting for me to get out again I think. It's 4:30 am. I might be able to do it, but I am wide awake so it's doubtful. I am really interested in what it wants to show me. I'll try....,

34th prototype
Aug 21 2012 05:40 PM
....scared the hell out of me man..
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