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Emptiness fills this space....

Posted by metaltania , 25 May 2013 · 530 views


Nothingness of this meaning,

Emptiness Fills this space,

Once was filled and had mended,

Now it has returned to the same,

Nothingness of this meaning,

Emptiness Fills this space,

Sorrow and tears shed,

For I am puzzled,

Why had he left,

A question that will never

be answered,

A putrid feeling of what is it I had done?

Knowing I haven't done nothing

Knowing I know I am better

This feeling will not shed away,

Emptiness fills this space once again

Will I rust?

Will I fall?

Will I crumble?

Will I stay away?

Will I be packed?

No I mustn't for I have a life

I must conquer

I must continue

I shall remain

I am strong

I know I am better

For I am loved

For I am a Person with such greatness

I will come back,

I will heal n mend

For he was just a temporary


For I am Strong.

For I am Forever loved,

I am me,

No one can change me,

Take me as I am,

I will do the same for you!

-The End-

This was very nice metaltania. It starts out a little sad and uncertain, but then it grows positive at the end. I like this one.
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Thank you
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