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Philips life review

Posted by markdohle , 08 June 2006 · 101 views

He lies peacefully in his bed
Now his permanent home
Where he rules all he surveys
Often entertaining many who drop by
With smiles and laughter
Pointing and non-stop talking happy with the attention
From the many he knew in years long passed

Many come and he welcomes them
Though no one else can see.
Nonetheless the attention that he favors them with,
Is real,
Patiently listening to what they have to say
Reliving  past episodes,
That brings forth tears of joy and sorrow
Going over and reviewing his life.
A good life it seems since he is often at peace with his living memories

One day he laughs and cries at the same time
Pondering something done to him
Uncomprehending of the meaning
Or the why of it all.
I held his hand
Then embraced him until it passed,
Once over
It was brought up no more.

A quiet man gentle to a fault
His voice always soft even when angry
Which soon passes replaced by his smile.
Again open to whomever I represent
An image from his long colorful past.

One day he introduced me to many of his friends
I responded with my hello
With only silence my greeting returned
Nonetheless honored that he would think me worthy
To be known by his friends present only to his inner sight.

Most of the time he is at peace
Smiling as if he has a secret that no one else knows.
Present to a reality hidden from those like me
Since it is not yet my time
To enter the world of reviewing my life
With the living images from my past.

You know it's really amazing how you write your experiences in prose.  I can barely make a sentence and you write so eloquently.  That was moving.   yes.gif
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Thank you friend, it is something I just starting doing about a year or so ago.  

It allows me to express myself on an emotional level, something I am not always good at.

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Well keep it up, it's very nice!   thumbsup.gif
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