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Then they understand

Posted by markdohle , 15 June 2006 · 113 views

Treading is what people often do,
Just trying to keep the head above water,
Struggling to stay afloat
With no surcease in sight.
Often alone with no one to say a kind word
Or offer a helping hand.

They are all around us,
Passing our way on the street,
Our neighbors,
Even friends,
Yet often they are not seen
Since it is hidden away.

Their hearts heavy laden
With life’s burdens;
They are often experienced as a pest
To be avoided,
Since to truly see what is underneath
Would be too disturbing

So each is left alone,
Not knowing how to ask for help,
To let others in,
Until the day comes and fatigue overwhelms,
They sink beneath the waves.

All that is left is a slight ripple,
An absence quickly forgotten,
Perhaps relief that the disturbance is gone to bother no more,
Until the ones disturbed
Began to tread;
Then they understand and mourn.

Jun 15 2006 05:31 PM
Too true.
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crying.gif  crying.gif

Me too.

Only happy stuff from now on!!   wink2.gif
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Very good.
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Thanks everyone for your comments.  I don't mean to keep posting downers, but I often see people who seem so alone and isolated, with no way to help them.  This was an expression of it.

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Jun 16 2006 02:55 PM
You're right Mark, everyone needs some Light.
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Jun 20 2006 09:26 PM
I can relate - I feel that once a day sometimes.
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Yes and I can relate to you also  dontgetit.gif  but  thumbsup.gif  the wheel turns and something better often come up  yes.gif , at least for awhile  wacko.gif

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