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Paths and Obstacles (dream entry)

Posted by sarah_444 , in Recorded Dreams 25 March 2012 · 144 views

Dreamt 2 dreams last night. The first one I have only the vaguest memory of being back in Whistler, the second was more vivid and interesting so i'm going to write quickly about that one.

I'm walking towards a sort of swamp area.  I think that I'm gong there to take pictures, I have my camera with me.  It's like a small swamp or marsh, right in the middle of a field.  I have to cross an empty road to get there.

I can see big trees growing right in the middle of the water, and there is a path which I'm walking on that runs along the left side of the marsh.  The path has trees and rocks along it.
I can see and hear crickets and fireflies.

Then the dream changes into another, I'm with a few people and we are walking along these zigzagged paths or trails. There are bushes around but no trees and it's hot and dusty here.   I don't remember where we are heading but we realize that there are small groups of cougars or mountain lions laying along the paths every now and then. For some reason I'm alone now, I see the cougars up ahead and even though they are just laying there calmly (some asleep) I am terrified to keep walking along the path.  I feel very stuck and unsure what to do, because I can't turn around to go back but at the same time I'm scared of what will happen if I go near the cats and don't want to risk it.

I don't remember the end of the dream. I'm pretty sure I didn't wake up at this point, that it kept going somehow, but I don't remember.  

So, there was obviously a theme of pathways going on last night. Lots of emotions as well, which isn't surprising. The first half of the dream seemed a more peaceful dream even though it took place at a "swamp". The fact that I was heading there to take photos, and also saw fireflies makes me feel like it has to do with creativity, at least in part.

I think the cougars (mountain lions, I'm not entirely sure what they were) are representing some kind of obstacle for me. Whether they are emotions, events or thoughts I'm not sure about at this point.

Mar 25 2012 06:23 PM
Really interesting imagery.  The cougars were obstacles, but then they left the dreamspace somehow or at least that point the dream became unremarkable.  Some obstacles take care of themselves with time?  I don't kow.  I'm not even an amateur at interpreting dreams, so I have no idea.  Thanks for sharing.
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You Know, that's a pretty good theory and i probably never would have thought about it until you pointed it out. Thanks. :)
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