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A Fun Lucid Dream (for awhile)

Posted by sarah_444 , in Recorded Dreams 01 July 2012 · 588 views

Had such a fun lucid dream last night! I remember the point where I became lucid, I was walking through a forest. I decided to focus on the farthest point ahead of me that I could see, to see how fast I could get there.  It wasn't instant, but I flew there with such perfect speed. I could see the green of the trees blur past me, but also still be able to make out the leaves on them.

When I got to my intended spot, I looked down at me feet, which were barefoot.  (looking at my feet is something I try to remember to do in lucid dreams now, just to verify like a signal, that i'm lucid). I was in sort of a clearing in the forest, walking on these strange plants, they were like branches of cedar trees, but low to the ground like ferns. They were very soft.

I decided next to have a house out here, and then saw it. It was a tiny little house, like a cottage almost.
Wildflowers were surrounding it and for some reason there was a statue of a deer in the garden. I walked over to the statue and put my hand on it for a second. I remember the smell of all the cedar and flowers, looking at the sun shining down through the trees. I feel so happy, not just because of this place, but because i'm aware of everything, and aware that i'm creating and controlling most of the dream.  Next I decided I wanted to go inside of the house.

Before I go in I already know what it will look like. It's not like the outside at all. It's spacious, clean, more modern looking but still has a traditional feel to it.  The floors are cool and marble. It's dimly lit but I see a lot of warm colours on the walls and in the furnishings. Plum purples, golden yellows, browns and hunter greens.

It reminds me of some other place, and I start to feel like I'm losing the lucidity.  There are 2 people with me now, female. One younger (like a child) and old the same age as me or older, I forget. We're talking, but I know that soon my dream will take over on it's own.  I'm a little sad because I want to stay here with them, and I know what is going to happen in the dream thats coming.  It's not a good dream but for some reason I can't stop it from happening.

(This is where my  recall of details gets really foggy)
A woman opens the front door and comes in. This is the start of the "new" dream. I try to focus on stopping it from happening but I don't have the control anymore.  I look to the 2 people I was with and tell them, "It's okay, I'll just let the dream happen and then I'll see you later). They leave through the door as more people come in.

The woman who opened the door grabs me by the arm and sits me in a chair by the front door.  I'm wearing different clothes now, a dress. My hair is different too, really long and lighter. I'm supposed to sit and not move or speak. (it's not my place) We are waiting the arrival of someone "important". I keep thinking royalty of some kind, another female but much older.  The others are kneeling and sitting on the floor infront of me, but facing to the right.

The "royal feeling" woman comes in, she's very arrogant. She walks past me with a glance in my direction, very snotty attitude. Disappointed with me, with most everything in general. It's all very familiar to me and I remember thinking, "I hate this dream - I'm not doing this one again" and then I wake up.

Ever Learning
Jul 01 2012 07:44 PM
Sounds like a good lucid dream, i think i might have to try your looking ahead technique. i hate when i lose lucidity and start to get distracted by another dream.
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It was the first time I had that much control though, so it was pretty awesome.
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Hmm... I don't think I've ever really experienced having control over any of my dreams.

I actually tend to experience the opposite - where I want to make a certain decision within a dream, but end up feeling like I am unable to do so.

This may be because I tend to be an indecisive person even when I'm fully conscious though.
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d e v i c e
Jul 02 2012 07:16 PM
Wonderful lucid dream. Just amazing isn't it - how the mind [what is the mind?] can create a whole new vivid reality almost independant of you. I've had a few lucid dreams and I'll never forget them. They make me challenge the whole notion of how we define 'reality'. Maybe there is no 'solid' reality. Maybe the physical world [the awake state] is half dream and half nightmare, so to speak.
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