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A Long Hard Look

Posted by Biff Wellington , 27 November 2012 · 347 views

Last night my father was rushed to the veterans hospital after having a mini stroke brought on by high blood pressure. His high blood pressure is caused by his heavy smoking, heavy drinking & poor diet choices. As many of you may know, a mini stroke is a warning sign screaming "The big one is right around the ****ing corner!"

This affects me deply because I've always been a "Daddy's Boy". Genetically I an nearly identical to him. They said that there is no genetic disposition but I look at my own habits as a sign that it could happen to me later in life. I smoke moderately, drink like a fish (as many of you already know) & my dietary choices are so-so. I only say "so-so" because I've recently been forced to become pescetarian due to an allergy to red meats & poultry that I inherited from my mother's bloodline.

So, I've decided (as any reasonably intelligent person would) to change my habits. It'll be difficult but I'm willing to make the change. After all I'd like to see the age of 85 in my lifetime.

Just wanted to get that off my chest. Thanks to those that took the time to read this.

From the Desk of,
Biff Wellington Esq.

Good luck, hope your dad is ok, at least for now.  TIA's can be very scary.

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Biff Wellington
Nov 28 2012 12:14 AM
Thanks Mark.
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Sorry to read about your dad, Biff. Best wishes to him and as well as you. Here's to healthier habits. :)
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Simbi Laveau
Nov 28 2012 08:30 AM
A TIA (mini stroke) ,can be handled to avoid the inevitable .
He must at least stop smoking,and drinking to a minimum .
Certain supplements can help .Message me if you want names .
As for you ...

You are an awesome person Biff. My dad died at age 41,from drinking. Yes. 41.
That's how much my dad drank. The doctor told my mom,your husband has the insides of an 80 year old.
He also smoked.
Just think ,moderation . Quitting everything makes people grumpy ,but slow down on the daily,copious amounts routine .
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Biff Wellington
Nov 28 2012 08:55 AM
Thank you Simbi. I cut my drinking down quite a bit actually but the smoking is still going on. I quit the smoking once before but divorce drove me back to it. I'm sure Ican quit again though.
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