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Simbis Horchata Recipe

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 18 June 2013 · 428 views

Quite a few people have asked for my horchata recipe ,so I'm posting it for anyone who wants it.
It is actually quite easy to make ,and you can spike it with alcohol when you serve it too .
It's very light ,and you can play with the amt of sweetners and liquids.
You can probably make it decadent by using cream instead of milk too ,but I haven't tried that yet .

This final recipe is the culmination of trying a few recipes,and using what I like best,for one mega recipe  .

I do make a yummy rice pudding with the rice as well.

Simbis Horchata

Ingredient :

1 1/3rd cups of uncooked white rice .Pref long grain of some kind . I use Japanese rice. It makes a lovely milky liquid .

5 cups water

1/3rd cup sweetened condensed milk

3/4th cup milk

1/2 tablespoon vanilla extract

1 Mexican cinnamon stick

1/2 cup sugar I use demera or raw cane sugar,but you can use white . You can tweak the sugar to you liking .More or less .

Directions : First ,I put the rice into a grinder ,and do some rough pulsing ,to break it up a bit. It makes for a much milkier horchata . I put the rice into a container with a lid. I take the cinnamon stick and break it into about 3 pieces,and add it to the rice. I then pour two cups of boiling water over it. I cover it ,and let it cool . Once it cools ,I put it in the fridge over night . Next day ,strain all the liquid out .

I save the rice for rice pudding ,or you can compost it

To the liquid ,I add the vanilla extract ,then the condensed milk . Then I add the remaining cups of water ,and the milk. You can play with this. Add less water,more milk. Its better if it has less fat .Makes it lighter,so i leave this part alone.

Now add the sugar,a bit at a time ,and keep testing. You can just add it all,but like I said ,its better lighter. Not cloyingly sweet.

I chill it then .

Once all of this is done. Pour into glasses with ice ,top with a splash of rum if you see fit. A shot glass full does the trick . Many people add the rum. I might try it at some point ,with coconut rum .

Also,some horchata recipes also use blanched,skinless almond slivers. I don't like almond in my drinks ,but you can add a half a cup of almonds the recipe ,with a bit more water ,to add the almond to it. I leave it out .

You can also be really fancy ,and use half a vanilla bean instead of extract . To do this,I add it to the rice soaking boiling water stage. Up to you .

Star of the Sea
Jun 18 2013 09:11 PM
Sounds yummy Simbi!  Will try it out thanks:)
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Simbi Laveau
Jun 20 2013 07:13 AM

Star of the Sea, on 18 June 2013 - 09:11 PM, said:

Sounds yummy Simbi!  Will try it out thanks:)

Let me know how you like it !
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