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religious freedom ends when it steps on my toes.

Posted by willowdreams , 15 June 2012 · 559 views

I honestly believe that we should have whatever faith we wish, and not have anyone get in the way of our beliefs. (and now, I should not have to say this, but alas for many I do, I am talking about religious/non religious beliefs that do not go out and kill many pple based on that belief, or abuse children or others based on the belief, we arent talking the extremist here.. just your normal every day faiths)

I do believe in the live and let live policy of life. I have found though that seriously, I need to not behave in that attitude, I need to speak out when I can against religious beliefs, and in America in general, Christianity, and I hate that I feel I must do this.

I do not tell people in their homes that they need to burn their bibles or get rid of them. Actually, I hate the idea of burning any book. I myself would love to hve a home in which I can have a nice cosy little library and yes, religious texts would be in there, and I would see to it they were cleaned and cared for as I would all my books. I see religous texts in general not evil, or not more evil then any other book of traditions and mythology.

Yes, that is how I view religious texts.

And that is ok!

I do not believe I should tell a religous/spiritual person how to live their lives within their homes, I think if they want to pray three or four or five or more times a day, they should, if they want to have bible studies in their home, as long as they are not disrupting thier neighbors with noise/cars, then go for it.. if they want to have orgies in the name of their deity, let them, if they want to dance naked around the maypole.. go for it (and i promise, I may peek, but i wont take pictureas).

It doesnt stop there though.

It goes further.

They want the rights to use their bible to ban things, their faith to ban things. They want their beliefs to dictate if I can or cannot have an abortion or help another have one. They want their beliefs to dictate medical studies that could save my life or the life of someone i know and love, they want to use their beliefs to decide if my friends Joe over there can marry his love of life David.. they enter my home by pushing for or against something that is none of their business outside of their home.

If they do not aprove of gay marriage, they do not have a gay marriage, if they do not aprove of an abortion, then do not have an abortion, if they do not aprove of certain medical/science studies, then when medications and surgeries nd techniques are created from those studies that can save your life, do not have them.

The thing is, I feel a need to break my own deep rules of live and let live and your faith is correct for you, beleive it all you want and I will support that right.. i feel the need to break those feelings in myself

because they are invading my life, my home and it is wrong.

I cant make it poetic here, or put it in ways that hit everyone.

I can only say, it is wrong, and because of politics, science.. education.. i feel a deep need now to no longer support my basic beliefs of live and let live, and now actively speak out and silence religious people, at least in the areas of science and politics.

Your points are well taken, however all groups will push what they believe is best for the cuture onto others, it is our nature.  The good thing about the USA is that they can be ignored, but if they get enough clout, well we all have to live with what is put forth.  That goes with abortion, which I am against, being pro life....we all have to learn to live with things not going our way.  The gay marriage thng would have been a non issues if they would have used another word, like civil unlion for instance......using a word that has for 'like'foreva' meant a commintment between a man and a woman was not too smart and the gay community is now paying the price for that.  Language is important and has meaning on many levels.

We all have free speech, so religious have a right to speak out, just as people like Dawkins and the other 'new atheist'  do.

Like you open, honest blog.

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Jun 15 2012 03:07 PM
no issues with free speech, I support it 100% even when I do not like what is being said.

as for civil union crap, t\hat is all it is.

marriage is marriage is marriage, no one should be excluded from it if they wish to have it, gay 'marriage' does not effect your life unless you bring it into your home.

The home is your choice, what is in your home is your choice, home is where your choice ends when it comes to religion

Or should end.

Once I became an adult and was able to make my own choices i made sure that my choices did not invade other peoples homes.

I too hate abortions, i really do not like them at all, but that is MY choice, and I choose not to have abortion/s.


free speech is fine, but even that comes with responsibilities. :)
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Jun 15 2012 03:08 PM
BTW I enjoy yoru comments too :)
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