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The Skeptic Challenge II

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Blue Box


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Posted 07 July 2008 - 06:54 PM

Tannenisis on Apr 28 2008, 12:40 AM, said:

You are in a blessed period of life. Abundance is flowing all around you. The inner spirit calls out summoning you to traverse new pathways. Yet you hesitate to go with these unfamiliar feelings. Your intuition is pointing the way towards fulfillment, not disaster. But you keep looking back to your recent past. You were divided then, a split person unsure of how to reach goals or to reconcile the vast differences you find inside yourself. It is only by acknowledging all aspects of yourself that you find freedom from these types of feelings. For now, you have started walking towards your goal, but are now going nowhere. You are not relying on your inner wisdom nor are you taking time out for much needed contemplation. It is easier not to think to much. But you have to change. It is a necessity. Scary, but unavoidable. It is time to leave the situation that's been holding you back and embrace the abundance around you. It's there in the palm of your hand if you'd only open your eyes and take a chance.

May these words find you in good health and spirits. Blessings on your path. And whether these words are right or wrong, I thank you for the opportunity to learn.

I'm a little bit late in my review because of things getting hectic around me as of late.  First off I do thank you for your time, and I'll try not to be harsh but to put it bluntly this reading could relate to anyone as it is very vague, a lot like Nostradamus' readings (IMHO his "readings" can relate to any time period in history).  I have said this before to my husband and others if the person the psychic is doing a reading for is believer or if they want to believe they will find something (anything) that is going on in their life that could and would relate to what has been "read", it is human nature to do this.  That being said believers will believe no matter what has been said and skeptics will still question and try to reason with the idea, the world keeps on spinning.  I used to be a believer in this stuff, even used to dabble a bit in it.  But my skeptic side (Yes, I have always been a skeptic at heart which led me into dabbling in it in the first place, the questions and curiosity got to me grin2.gif ) came out again soon after questions here and there answers to them things didn't add up (among other things).

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Posted 08 July 2008 - 03:54 AM

Blue Box,

Thank you for your feedback. I can only apologize that it did not live up to your expectations. However, I am going to start doing tarot readings soon, which may or may not go well. We'll see. I understand that you are a skeptic at heart more than you would believe: I've been married to an atheist for going on seven years now. And although my marriage is on it's way out, I've learned much about the skeptics view because everything that I've stood for in life has been questioned by the person I love.

At the end of the day, I know who I am and what I've accomplished for others even if this does not transfer well online. And if you know yourself as well as I, then that's all we can hope for.

Thank you,

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