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Levitating Girl Caught on Tape in Russia?

Posted by Kipperphoenix , 03 December 2012 · 636 views

Another random blog entry from my paranormal blog on Tumblr! theparanormalblog.tumblr.com


You know, when I was a kid all I cared about was cartoons and eating sugary things. Now, kids are ALL obsessing about flying. Wait what? That's right, today's video features a flying little girl. Never thought I'd say that in my life, but there's a first time for everything I guess! So when the video was shot is unknown but we do know that it was shot in a Russian forest. (So much info i can't even handle it!) The video shows a man with his dog in the snow. The man let's the dog go and the dog runs around. (Why are you filming this again?) The man starts to call the dog to come back, but it runs off to the right. The man runs after him, that's when he witnesses something very odd. A few yards from where he's standing, he sees a little girl in a red coat hovering in the air while an adult watches her from the ground. The man tries to get a better look at the scene but his dog comes back and barks. The little girl and the adult soon see the man and run away from the scene. The video goes to a slow-mo replay and then the video ends.

Man, when grandma said there was a special ingredient in her cookies she wasn't exaggerating on it being special! In all seriousness, this video is very interesting but there are a few things I want to discuss. The main problem I have with the video is at the beginning when the guy let's his dog loose. He and the dog are making a lot of noise and when the dog runs off, you'd think that the two little girl and who I assume is grandma (because it looks like they have grey hair and it kind of looks like a woman) would notice the dog. It's only when the dog barks so they notice the man and the dog, which seems kind of odd to me. Second, why in't the little girl moving around that much when she's floating? Is it because she hasn't mastered her powers yet (I can't believe I said that and was serious) or is it because this is a special effect? One more thing I want to bring up. Some people say that they can see a person way off in the background holding something. This is leading people to believe that the little girl is on some kind of harness or wire. I don't see anyone in the background and I also don't see anywhere where a wire could be attached to to lift her up. She's not under any trees, she's in an open area. So just take that last bit as you will. Overall, I'm SO conflicted by this video. One part of me is saying that besides the few complaints, it looks pretty real but the other part of me is saying that it's not real simply because it's a floating little girl! I'm going to have to be in the middle on this one, though I'm tempted to lean towards it being real just a bit more. So what do you think? Does the video show a little girl actually floating in mid-air or is this just a very well down hoax?


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Simbi Laveau
Dec 03 2012 10:55 AM
I saw this a while ago . I'm rather up in the air about its authenticity :):)
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looks rather odd to me...good one as i have no idea x
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spartan max2
Dec 04 2012 02:58 AM
so this is what the russians do in there free time
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I've seen this one before, and a hoax can not be ruled out.  While they are in an opened area, to the left as the camera zooms in, there are what looks to be three large trees.  Once they run off, you can see that they were in front of several stacked large logs.  You can never see what is on the right side of the area, but the entire scene is in a forest with tall trees all around.

It is not inconceivable that a scaffolding or frame was setup between some trees, above the camera view, and then a harness was supported from that.  The dog barking provides an opportune time to lower her quickly.  There is a bit of her motion which could be a hint that she is suspended, a teetering almost, at about 0:30 just prior to the dog barking.
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I agree with Insanity.  The angle of her body suggests a harness/wire to me and also all the fuzzy background could easily hide all sorts of set ups.  If it was in the middle of a empty footy oval in a t-shirt and shorts I might be more convinced.  Interestting though, and interesting that some ppl go to this sort of effort.  Thanks for posting this up.
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