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you do not HAVE to look like the average person...

Posted by willowdreams , 08 September 2012 · 439 views

I am sometimes amazed by my Employers. Like any big business, they are 'in it' for the money and sometimes they prove that when they think of their employees, they think of us as a number, not a person. HOWEVER, sometimes they stun me in good ways.

Every aug we get new hires. These are seasonal hires, part time, with the chance of applying for full time positions after three month trial period, though in truth, generally that means part time work full time, as it not 40 hours a week but generally 30+ and you wont be laid off except for summer for 6 to 8 weeks and you can get unemployment then, but no other benefits.. (really, our company i sometimes feel, is trying to get rid of full time people like me who work 40+ hours a week and get medical, life, dental.. et et et).

ANYWAYS, as I was saying, sometimes I am stunned in a good way.

My job is straight laced. They want to remain OUT of the papers, they are those type of pple you imagine as having that 'stiff upper lip'.

But I notice as much as they are republican and prudish, the big bosses do not in any way trickle that down into the hiring process.

They have their beliefs, but they see it as THEIR beliefs not something to push on the employees.

I have noticed over the past 8ish yrs I have been there, that though we live in the bible belt, they hire pagans, muslims, christians, athiest.. we can wear whatever clothing/jewelry we wish as long as it is not 'bad' as in vulgar/offensive. We have pagan people wearing pentagrams/pentacles and other paganish stuff, we had a muslim female last yr who wore the whole get up, covered head.. all of it. We have super ubar christians, which I admit is where we get our biggest problems on the religious front.

See, we sell many books to school children.. and I remember this one christian woman who was very very upset over teh Harry Potter books, and I was like, ummm YOU knew this company did the Harry Potter books, it is our big money maker, what did you think you would be helping to sell when you applied for your position here? She stuttered and fussed and finally admitted that she thought they would take into consideration her beliefs and not make her sell books she did not approve of. I had to remind her that is impossible, teachers call in and place their book orders and harry potter will be among them 75% of the time. They do not pre screen calls to find out what they are purchasing, that is not feasible and she will have to just grin and bear it.

She did not last long.

But that is how it is in many cases, not all, but many.

Our company also hires teenagers, now this is MY problem area, I adore pple, really I do, but I have noticed among the teens, they know it is seasonal, they know it is part time, and they have no plans to hire on full time, so they just do not care and will goof off and screw up, because they just want to work long enough to afford that cell phone or lap top.. and then if they are fired, oh well!.. i always hate the attitude they give off. the 'who cares' attitude.

Many teens are awesome though.  And friendly. Like twice this year (the past three weeks) I have been confused.

I am 49, I get confused.

One kid there, I thought it was a teen boy, but seemed very very girly, hair color and hair glitter.. purple colors.. purses.. skinny jeans and such.. glossy lips. So i thought it was one of those girls who is sort of 'masculine', you know? but noooooooo when I pointed to the person and said 'the super is by that girl with the purple glittery hair with the pretty purse', the person giggled and said 'that is a boy!'.. heh.. then she bent down and said 'he is gay so i hope yo uwill be nice!" I looked at her stunned, shes like 16 and she is telling me to be nice, and I said 'hon, why in the world do you think I would be mean?' and she said 'well most pple my mom and dads age dont treat him well, they think being gay is soo wrong, but most of us in high school are smarter then that!', I just smiled and said there is no problem on my end, I am bisexual! She said 'thank goodness! a bunch of us who are his friends are watching his back, its not the ones our age he has to be worried about its the older people who are afraid of his influence on us'.

I nodded and was saddened to think such a thing, but then i realized, we live in the bible belt, pple my age teach that the bible speaks against homosexuality, but as this young girl said, once kids get in high school, they get smarter then that when it comes to accepting gays.

Now, the other thing that happened this year, actually a yday, is something I am ashamed of, because i feel rude.

I cannot stop staring at the person, it is so wrong, it is rude, but i cannot help myself.

I thought it was just a plain, manly ugly woman with a lot of arm hair, btu the most beautiful reddish hair that is so long and wavy and just wonderful hair! and the person has a pocket book i was thinking of asking where they got it from! And the person has nice clothes, skirt, top.. ugly legs and i thought maybe a bit to european in NOT shaving... but blah.. I heard the person speak.. and noticed the long neck and adams apple and realized it was a MAN dressed up like a woman, but an obvious man who doesnt shave or hide he is a he, but the clothing and hair and purse and padded bra.. fooled me.

So see, my job hires pple who are gay.. and pple are are.. hrmm what are you called when you are a man but dress as a woman?

I like knowing that at least in hiring people, the company is fair..

A lot of people need jobs, and many people have to change who they are in order to get many jobs, as most wont hire you if you are gay or dress as a woman if you are a man.. they wont say that is why they do  not hire you, they find other reasons.. but that is how it is.. not my place.. all they want to know,

are you willing to learn
are you willing to work swing shifts
and you understand it is part time/seasonal though you can hire on for full time if the openings are there after 90 days?

And then you have 90 days to prove yourself.. or you are gone.

I like it, because I have noticed, many disabled, openly gay and such pple work harder then the 'average' person.. i think it is not because they are better, but because they have to struggle more to FIND a job and not hide who they are.. not try to LOOK like the average person.. but look like who they want to look like, dress as they want to dress.. and if they want to dress in a dress while being a man, as long as they do their job, look clean, not exposing body parts.. nothing vulgar printed.. then leave you alone and let you do your job!

Not enough companies doing that anymore.. I am glad mine is.

Nice post.
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