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My Experience with Reincarnation

Posted by StarMountainKid , 24 May 2012 · 703 views

This is a report of my experience with reincarnation through a girlfriend of mine. I don't know what to make of it, or if everyone involved were telling the truth. But, this is what happened.

Part One:

I used to have this girlfriend ( I'll call her Mary) who, along with her lady friend, were interested in reincarnation, the spirit world and automatic writing. Mary had a spirit guide named George something. His last name I've forgotten, but it was a German name. Mary would contact George through automatic writing.

Mary said that George told her that in her previous incarnation she lived in Genevieve, Missouri, in a German community they had named the Black Forest. As far as I knew, Mary didn't know if there even was a place there named the Black Forest. Just that George said there was, and that's were Mary lived in her previous incarnation.

Genevieve was founded in 1735 by the French, and was one of the first settlements west of the Mississippi River. It was originally an Indian village, then French, then German.

We lived in Tennessee at that time about 50 miles from Genevieve. So, one Saturday morning Mary and I drove to Missouri to visit that town. It's was a nice little town, the center of which had some houses that dated from the 1800's. A lot of tourists were there, there were restaurants and antique shops, etc. We walked around, and attended a tour of an old house that was owned by some important family of that era. A tour guide took us and some others through the house, explaining this and that.

When the tour was over, I asked the tour guide if there had been an old German settlement somewhere around there. She said yes, German families had built a settlement just out of town in the early 1800's called the Black Forest. This amazed me, as Mary's spirit guide George had been right. I hadn't believed all this to be true until then. I must say, this shook me up some.

The tour guide told us how to get there, but the land was privately owned, and although some of the old buildings still stood, only groups could visit the place by appointment.

We drove there, but there was an iron gate, and we couldn't get in. Back in town I noticed a large Catholic church. I told Mary we could ask at the church if they had any records of a George something attending a Catholic church from that old period. I figured the church probably kept records from that time, and maybe we could find George's name in some old records. But Mary was shy, and didn't want to do that, so we left and drove back to Tennessee.

Now, my conclusions are: As far as I knew, Mary had not heard of the little town of Genevieve, nor of the old German settlement the Black Forest before her spirit guide George had told her about them, George must have been a real spiritual being, communicating with Mary through automatic writing. I can't think of an other explanation.

This was the first time I had personally experienced any kind of phenomenon of this kind. It spooked me. It spooked me even more when one day Mary told me George had mentioned my name, too. That made me nervous. I wasn't sure I wanted to know about that.

The second part is:

Mary's lady friend, I'll call her Helen, one day told me the following: Young children, say up to about 4 or 5 years old can sometimes remember their previous life, having left it so recently. Helen used to question her little girl who was 3 or 4 years old about this. One day Helen's little daughter was sitting on her lap, and Helen was stroking her hair. The little girl said, "Remember when you used to sit on my lap, and I used to stroke your hair? You always loved that."

This shocked Helen, because as a little girl she used to sit on her father's lap, and she loved when he stroked her hair.With her child's knowledge of this, this could only mean that Helen's daughter was a reincarnation of Helen's father. (Helen's father had died before Helen's daughter was born.)

Confirming this in Helen's mind, her daughter then said, "There was you, Jane, Henry and John. And one more nobody ever knew about." Now, Henry and John were Helen's brothers, Jane her sister. Henry lived nearby, but John lived in Ohio and had never visited Helen since her daughter's birth. How could Helen's daughter know of John? Helen thought perhaps the little girl had possibly heard her mother talk about John, but as John was the black sheep of the family, and was mostly ignored and seldom talked about, she didn't think so. Yet, it remained a possibility.

The intriguing thing is, the little girl had said, "And there's one more nobody ever knew about." Did this mean Helen's father had fathered a child out of wedlock and had told no one in the family about it?

How did Helen's daughter know about her mother's love of her father stroking her hair when Helen was a little girl, or the absent John, or even have the concept to say "and one more no one knew about"? This doesn't sound to me like something a girl of 4 would think of to say. Was Helen's daughter really Helen's father reincarnated?

This conversation with her daughter bothered Helen, and she never questioned her daughter about the child's possible previous life again.

Of course, Helen may have just repeated a story she had read somewhere, as she was always reading about such things. All I know is what she said. And Mary's story about the Black Forest could have also been fictional, something she read about. But that seems to me odd that she would contrive such a story, then make the trip there with me.

I hadn't known these women very long or very well, so I can't say for certain if all this was made up or real.

It wasn't long after this that I broke off my relationship with Mary. I was in my 20's then, and all this freaked me out a bit at the time, but I've thought about it ever since.

May 26 2012 06:02 AM
interesting. couple of questions: is this a true story? is this the end of the story?
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May 26 2012 11:53 AM
Yes and yes. When Mary told me George the spirit guide had mentioned me, it got too spooky for me. I didn't want to get involved in all that supernatural stuff. I didn't want to be influenced by it, as I was comfortable in my rational mind, so I eased my way out of the relationship.

Haven't seen her since. Now I kind of wish I would have stuck around, keeping a open mind, but in a healthy, skeptical way.
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May 27 2012 07:55 AM
i probably would have been a little creeped out too but the adventure-seeking part of me would have been curious and eager to know more.
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