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Origin of Psychic Powers

Posted by StarMountainKid , 27 July 2010 · 308 views

psychic powers
I think psychic powers are due to elusive self-referential multi-universe time-stream convergence correlations, which are self-replicating throughout the whole mega-psychic, mega-universal synchronic boundary transformations which undergo continuous deformations that permiate all sequential events simultaneously across the iterative, synoptic Cosmic Timescape.  

This is from one of my replies.  It sounded so good after I wrote it I thought I'd repeat it here.  Who knows, maybe it's true. I haven't heard a better explination lately. I think there is something to the phenomenon, though.  Especially among twins and close relatives.

Sometime this week hopefully I'm going to start seralizing one of my 'The Adventures of Zarkor and Zerak' episodes. Maybe someone will be interested in it.

Black Hound
Jul 28 2010 12:15 AM
I have no clue what the reply was or what it really said, but I'd love to see it in layman's terms. I don''t think it is too much to ask.
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Aug 01 2010 04:12 AM
"It's not too much to ask but it's too much to explain," Adenoid Hynkel.
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Oh cool, I like your post.  
You may be on to something there.
I think the multi-verses may be responsible and a vehicle for all sorts of intriguing mysteries.  

Great post.
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