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#1    Dowdy



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Posted 25 June 2001 - 12:13 PM

Anyone from Australia see that show last night (sunday)? it was called 'Confirmation - The hard evidence of Alien life among us'. it was on about 11:00pm after the X-Files film and finished about 1:00am. I didn't stay up that late so i recorded it.
The show was obiviously about UFOs and Aliens. It showed UFO footage from Mexico. It had the same footage as the one this site has! It had peoples opinions on it. I thought the footage the footage was a fake and they proved how it was a fake too! But they showed a picture that's over a decade old and no one can prove that it's a fake so the picture is real until it's proven otherwise.
They had cases in which people had Alien implants in them and when they took them out and put it under a microscope they found that it was made by unexplained means. The molecular structure was not natural! It was constructed in a way which we do not yet have the means to do so!!
It had a sighting case in which half the police force saw a UFO.
There was other stuff but that was basically what the show was about.

I know some people here are from Australia so you must of seen it.

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#2    Jimmy_Potzenpans


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Posted 13 July 2001 - 06:50 AM

Aye, Jimmy never been ta friggin Australia iz it true dat da friggin tioletz flush backwordz down dere? Datz friggin funny.

Wat confirmation? Is dat a show about snipping off da foreskin or someting? ???

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