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Why I Can't Figure out Republicans

Posted by CommunitarianKevin , 23 May 2012 · 695 views

So at my last guard weekend a buddy and I were screwing with the hardcore Republicans (I should note that I do not know the difference between Republican and Conservative, they both vote the same.)  because they give us great quotes. A couple months ago my buddy said that Democrats are more educated and one of them said “what, institutionally educated!?” Um…as opposed to what? Educated at the school of hard knocks? This month we did not get any good lines but a few good expressions. First we were talking about my brother-in-law’s fiancée. She is Ecuadorian. I made the joke “or as Republicans call them, ‘Mexican.’” Our Republican put his head down and smiled. Later we were talking about a transgender person that was in the Minnesota Nation Guard and how that would work out and stuff. I said “transgender, or as Republicans would call them, ‘gay.’” Once again our Republican put his head down and smiled. I can only assume his smiles were agreement. Anyways my friend was upset about things and we started listing reasons why we cannot understand the Republican line of thinking.

Here were some of the reasons we came up with…

Constitution (Equality) vs. Gays-
They preach the Constitution hence equality but then when it comes to gays they feel as if they should not be equal, that they do not deserve the same rights as everyone else.

Abortion vs. Contraception-
They do not like seeing babies die (I do not think anyone does.) They do not like seeing death of a living thing (often defined as the moment the sperm fertilizes the egg.) If I could think of a simple solution to this problem it would be to create something that stops the women from ovulating, stop her from even dropping and egg. Amazingly we have something like this called contraception. We also have things called condoms that do not allow semen to enter the women, meaning no fertilization can take place. Oddly enough both are often rejected. So they do not want death, but they do not want the things that prevent it either?

Bible vs. Screw Poor People-
Numerous times I hear them say that poor people are poor because they are lazy. But this is not the case. Many of them work very hard and need help but Republicans say screw those people (they have safety nets right?) They say that they need to work hard, get a degree, and get a job. A mentioned Hurricane Katrina in an earlier blog and I said I think it is the government’s responsibility to help victims of a natural disaster whether they are rich or poor and the response I got was “where does it say that in the Constitution?” These same people are the hardcore Christians out preaching the Bible and I swear Jesus said something about the poor…

Obamacare vs. Do it your Damn Self-
Following from about, Republicans always claim that people need to do things themselves, they need to work hard, get a degree, and get a job. They do not like state hand-outs and think people need to do things themselves and pay for things themselves. Then Obama says he is going to make it so that everyone must have medical insurance, they must pay for their own. But now suddenly making people have medical and paying for it is a problem? So they are okay with people that do not have medical using our tax dollars to treat them?

Immigrants vs. Alabama-
Republicans hate immigrants (to them immigrants=illegal immigrants.) Alabama thought it would be nice to make the law on immigrants stricter. Because of these new laws the immigrants left Alabama. Then all of a sudden the farmers were complaining because crops were rotting in the fields because they did not have anyone to pick them. Their economy was severely damaged and now they are looking to repeal the changes. So do you want immigrants or do you not want immigrants? They do not like them but miss them when they are not there to do the work.

Capitalism vs. Communism-
Republicans believe strongly in the Capitalistic model and hate the Communist model. Capitalism grows major corporations by maximizing profit. They way maximum profit is made is to get the product made at the lowest possible cost. To get things made at the lowest possible cost it means screwing the workers. Capitalism is not a fair and equal model. It is made up a few very wealth men at the top and pee-ons at the bottom (the people Republicans call poor.) They very people they hate are the ones making them money. Capitalism benefits the extremely wealthy and does little for the poor or even middle class. Communism on the other hand believes in paying everyone the same. It believes in a classless society in which all resources are shared by all. Communism, in theory, offers equality for everyone. Which one of those models best fits the highly preached Constitution?

Lower Corporate Taxes vs. No they F-ing won’t-
So the argument I hear over and over and over again is that lowering corporate taxes is the answer. It is not creating new business, or building new things to create jobs and generate capital…The answer is do not tax the extremely rich so much. A guy I work with is finishing his degree in Politics and Economics. He is a Libertarian (or as I call them, Republican.) If anyone could make a point, surely it would be him. He was upset because the Vikings are building a new stadium and I told him I do not see how it could be a bad thing. He said “It doesn’t make a difference.” After going back and forth a few times I got irritated and said “Okay smart guy, if you were in charge, how would you create jobs and help the economy?” He said “Lower corporate taxes.” I said “How the hell does that create jobs.” He said “well if they have more money, they will hire more people.” No they won’t! That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my life. Why would you hire more people when the number of workers you have gets the job done? How does hiring more workers maximize profit? I ask him if he got a raise if he would donate more to charity. He laughed and said “hell no.” But yet he thinks big business men would do something different? They think people are naturally good and will do the right thing…no they will not…

Educated vs. Liberal Breeding Ground-
Republicans are always trying to prove they are just as smart and just as educated but I think they only thing they like to claim more than that is that universities are “Liberal breeding grounds.” I take that to mean “universities make Liberals” or “education makes liberals.” If Liberals are defined by being educated then Conservatives are defined by not being educated? (This is called critical thinking, something the universities teach you.) So what is it? Are Republicans not as educated or are universities not Liberal Breeding grounds?

Christianity vs. Republicans-
In general Republicans are real “F-you.” “Why should we have to pay more taxes?” “Why should we have to help out other people?” “Where does it say that in the Constitution?” “Why should gays be allowed to get married?” “These people need to work harder and get a job.” Republicans are individualistic and they believe what is best for them is best for everyone. It’s always negative; they never want to help anyone out. They are always complaining about people taking handouts (and many do but people are going to abuse any system, but many do need the help.) I cannot figure out how this goes along with Christianity (maybe the Old Testament but certainly not the New Testament.) I do not understand how Christianity fits with the Republican mindset and the Capitalistic model. It seems to more fit the “soul-less” and “moral-less” atheist monsters…

This is why I cannot figure out the Republican platform…

Republicans say the same about democrats LOL.  Politics, go figure.  You young man should go into politics, you seem to understand it pretty well, at least from the left, which is good enough.

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May 23 2012 05:26 PM
If everyone where equal then everyone would be Reublican or Democrat, everyone would be straight or gay. Just using the word "gay" invalidates the whole position of equality. When Jesse Jackson talks about "black" and "white" he invalidates the whole notion of equality by slapping labels on everybody. What the **** is he even doing up on the soapbox preaching this? I don't know.




X=X are equal
X=Y are not, unless you want to imagine 2=1 but don't try to build a house with such math.

This is how I see it, as I was miseducated at the School of Hard Knocks
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I don't know why anyone has allegiance to either party.
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