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Ahhhh Crap

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 19 March 2012 · 189 views


You know, Missy, I realize the world has gone and served us up a **** sandwich but worrying about it to excess isn't healthy.  If you have assets you can protect - DO IT.  Because the times they ARE a changin'.  I'm trying to become closer with my family and friends and really think in terms of the brevity of life.  People do mean, hateful things to us sometimes and we can either spend time planning the revenge or having a laugh at ourselves and others as we stumble along on this common journey we all signed up for....
Best wishes :tu:
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Simbi Laveau
Mar 19 2012 03:46 AM
Naaah,I dont worry about it a lot per se.Sadly,living in NYC causes it to be jammed down our throats,on a daily basis.
I think this is why we are so much more acutely aware of it all.
I call Bloomberg our Fuhrer.Those of us that have lived here a long time,do not recognize our own city.(I was born here)
Bloomberg has made it into this endless series of chain stores ,with no identity .
The things that make new York unique,are slowly being torn away by the establishment,to make way for more nyu dorms,bars to inebriate the students that will inhabit said bars,and a new Starbucks.
Since wall street is here,as is the ows movement base,we see it all first hand.

Being middle class here,means you pay for the rich to live,and you pay for the poor to live.
The poor drive a Lexus mind you,as they have somehow figured out how to collect Medicaid,while dealing drugs,and collecting unemployment.

I cannot afford a new pair of sneakers .....

I am not worried or depressed per se.Ive known this was coming,as far back as 2005.Its just disheartening,to see more and more come out,as gas prices go up past 5$,when we could so easily switch over to electric cars,but no one is willing to actually do something real for our whole world.
My friends with children,have anxiety attacks though.
Thinking their children will inherit .....what these corporations are degenerating it into.

I am however,relieved,that people are finally opening their eyes to things like Monsanto, food safty,and crimes against us all using medicine.

If people take issue with what I say,you know what,that's fine,but what I have found is....
They dismiss me as a nutter conspiracy theorist,until it happens to them,and the little light bulb goes off over their head,and then they know it's all true,and they wake up.

So dont worry about me.I take it all in stride.
But it is as we've always feared ;
life sucks,and then you die.

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