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Advice and Opinions Please

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 07 November 2012 · 593 views

A friend of mine ,lives on the Sandy devastated Rockaway,N.Y.C.

She texted me for the first time since the storm,yesterday . I had gotten word she was ok . I had wanted to drive out there,but they won't let you .
So,she told me her basement windows literally blew in ,and water poured in all of them like something out of a movie . The water rose up to the first floor ,one foot deep.
All power etc was turned off. She said houses by the dozen ,around her,have burned down .
Her mailman lived near her. He went to turn off his power ,stepped into water in the basement ,and was electrocuted.
She said what they are showing on the news ,of rockaway,is not the worst of it. She said its being watered down in the media ,given its actually part of NYC ,and they don't want it to seem like part of the city is that decimated .
Or at least that's what she thinks.
Her sister lived very close to her,and her house suffered worse.

She lost her brand new boiler ,as well as most of what was in the basement .
With Thanksgiving coming ,I would like to do ...something ,but I'm at a loss as to what .
I have limited money ,so I cannot buy her anything right now ,but if the bridges open ,I want to bring her something .
Should I bring food ? Take her out to dinner ?
I don't know ......what to do .

She has access to a charging station for her phone ,so we will be in contact ,but she's told me not to come to the Island for my own safety . I'm thinking thanksgiving should be ok.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be good to bring her ?
I assume there will be thanksgiving dinners brought to them ,by various agencies. She also may be with her  sisters family .
I could bring it for all of them.
Suggestions ?

Why not bring them to your house for thanksgiving?
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What Mule said
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Simbi Laveau
Nov 08 2012 01:19 AM
The entire family is deathly allergic to my animals. Can't have them here .
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I think just the visit, alone, will be appreciated.  Bring a sense of "normalcy" back to their lives.

Maybe take a saturday or sunday to help them with anything they need.  Cleaning up? Repairs? etc.

Maybe some sort of crock-pot dish/casserole and a bottle of wine for when you're done, to unwind and hang out?

I'm sure anything you do, they will be greatful for.
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I'm sure that any help cleaning up would be greatly appreciated.
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Nov 08 2012 04:34 AM
You could pick up her mail for her, I think? J/k. Maybe some kind of benefit party at a location with no animals, like a park or whatever public may be open for a gathering. I hope her insurance can cover damages. Just don't break yourself too bad trying to help others, if you're limited on money yourself. I know you mean well and all, but be careful how far you go with providing funds for helping. I've dug myself big holes doing it for friends, lol. Take care :)
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Simbi Laveau
Nov 10 2012 08:15 AM
She's staying in the house . No electricity etc .She's trying to clean the mess.
She lost everything in her basement ,one of which was a collection of Cheap Trick memorabilia ,she's collected for 35 years. She's friends with them .
I emailed them ,and asked them to at least make a care package for her . The CDs she lost maybe.
Another friend and I are buying pizzas and supplies,and driving out tomorrow .
Help her clean a bit. Give pizzas to her neighbors .
I got her a new lantern .All her flashlights died .
Thanks for the help guys .
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