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Christmas with my family

Posted by Beckys_Mom , 26 December 2012 · 901 views

First of all I'd like to thank those of you for posting kind comments in my profile concerning my little boy ...I am sorry for the delayed  reply, I have been busy getting ready for Christmas and over Christmas with my family

Approx two weeks ago, I could hear Aarons chest and I could hear a bubbling sound from his little chest..  I took him to the doctor, he said young Aaron was fine, it was just a bit of mucus behind his nose, he will be Ok ...   I left the doctors office and still for some reason I felt there was more to it.. My husband said I was just getting worried over nothing and the doctor was right, but again, I couldn't shift that nagging feeling that something else was wrong?
A week later, I insisted on taking him again, and again the doctor said, it was still nothing...Gary nagged at me a little and said to quit worrying  it was nothing and reminded me that the doctor was right and I am wrong..  

A few days just before Christmas that bubbling noise was louder and he was coughing.  Shortly afterwards, he was not taking his bottle and he was sick with a high temperature... The coughing was going on and on, keeping him up at night..  
Gary insisted he will take Aaron to the doctor and he later came back telling me that we have to take Aaron straight over to the hospital to have his chest looked at, as the doctor was worried about his chest..

The doctor who later examined him, said that Aaron has bronchiolitis which would cause the bubbling sound in his chest when breathing.. I knew there was something up, I don't know why I felt something was wrong, I just did..!!
Aaron also had a tummy bug that put him off his bottle making him sick..   He was too small and too young to have something down his throat to draw out the mucus, so they put him on a salt water nebulizer for a while... It seemed to help a lot...  After a while Aaron's coughing soon went away and he was back to himself again..

Christmas Eve came,I was up early baking chocolate cupcakes and mince pies, while Gary dashed off to get some last min shopping. Becky was feeling poorly with a high temperature and head cold..Her eyes were red and was so pale, she didn't eat much... Gary told me there was 9 kids from Becky's class, who were off sick with the cold and flu ..   It didn't stop her from looking forward to Santa coming that night as she went to bed early.  

I was on my feet all day  cleaning and baking, trying to see to the kids and get things ready for Christmas day..It was madness at home.. That night I lay down to rest my feet watching House and I fell asleep..I didn't get to lay out the presents, but thankfully Gary did.

This is how the conservatory looked late night Christmas Eve  ( before the kids got at it ) ..A number of the presents were sent by grandparents

Posted Image

Little Aaron opening one of his presents he got from Grandma

Posted Image

This is Becky showing off her chemistry set that she had asked Santa for ....

Posted Image

Among other things, she was so happy to get her Elvis poster ....sigh  I really cannot see how she likes him..  Each to their own  lol

Posted Image

Aaron was not really interested in presents, he was more keen on the wrapping paper...!

Posted Image

I put together a before and after picture of our conservatory ..Christmas Eve  and Christmas Morning...the aftermath ..

Posted Image

Christmas dinner was lovely.. Gary copied some recopies from Jamie Olivers site and made the best stuffing and gravy I have ever tasted.. I prepared the rest....
Becky was still feeling poorly, so she lay down and couldn't eat much that day... I knew she was sick when she wouldn't look at any chocolate  lol   I gave her some children's medicine and I carried on cleaning up after everyone, doing the dishes and so on...

The cats had a nice feed too, they seemed to like the left over Christmas ham and Misty ate some of Garys home-made stuffing.

After all my work was done, I enjoyed a nice cup of tea  from my new tea pot..   Gary told me that for once I should ask for something for myself and I said  OK  I would like a new tea pot... I didn't think he would remember, but he did, he got me a new tea pot, one that I could set on my stove.. it was great..  

I never really care about what I get..I care more for what my kids get and I like to be up doing things and preparing..Christmas is not about me, it's about my children, but Gary thought I did deserve something, he nagged and I gave in to a tea pot  !! :P  

Boxing Day...  Becky is still recovering and Aaron is in good form...

This is Aaron ( Now 7 and a half months old, and getting bigger every day )  in a new baby walker, he is one heck of a little mover in that thing...He sometimes bangs into a wall or a door and can't reverse  lol

Posted Image

Glad that I have Christmas over with.. It was a busy time for me..I guess it was for many others...  But now, I can relax a little more and have some nice cups of tea from my new tea pot

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and hope you all have an excellent new year...

PS ... the world still didn't end  ha ha.. We didn't even get snow.. oh Well I am sure another cheerful doomsday date will pop up :P


I'm so happy to hear the trooper is doing well again!  A very Merry Christmas and  joyful, healthy and prosperous new year for you and your's Geri.

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Geri, those photos are awesome, wow what a christmas day for the kids, so many presents. I am so glad Aaron is better and Becky sure didn't let illness dampen her spirits on christmas morning.

I was glad to see this, I'm sure I speak for a few folk here when I say we were a little worried at your absence and Aaron's sudden illness and trip to the hospital. BTW if he was here I don't think I could resist squeezing them rosy cheeks, so cute.
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Simbi Laveau
Dec 27 2012 01:21 AM
Hey BM. I'm so sorry to hear your babies were sick. I had no idea .
Your home is lovely !
And,I loved Elvis from the time I was 3.
My mom didn't get it either. She told me I used to dance in my diaper to hound dog .
I was a music maven from then on .Expect her to be a huge music fan.

Merry Christmas !
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Dec 27 2012 03:32 AM
Beautiful children BM :) I'm so glad to hear everything went well!
Happy New Year :)
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Solipsi Rai
Dec 27 2012 03:33 AM
Hey BM, thank you for sharing your holiday cheer with us on the UM and to share my family fun with yours. May your son get well soon to enjoy his first Christmas. Good thing the world didn't end because life is short, my baby girl will turn one next January. Her first christmas and birthday in 2 weeks. :-)
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@ and then ...Thank you so much, hope you and your family enjoy the rest of the holidays and a happy new year to you all..Hope everything turns out fantastic for you and your family

@ libstaK...Some of those presents were sent by both sets of grandparents, they do that every year..I think grandparents love to see little kids get things at Christmas... I too was worried, but I was glad Aaron was sorted out at the hospital, even though the wait was long...They tend to keep people waiting for long periods at the hospital... Aaron didn't like it when the nurse placed the nebulizer over his mouth.. He cried a little, tried to shake it off, then he fell asleep on my knee wearing the nebulizer...It helped heaps..  Hope your holiday was great libstaK..and I hope you and your family have a fantastic  new year

@ Simbi Laveau ...You loved Elvis too as a child, that is cute to hear you dancing in your diaper to Hound Dog  lol.. I felt it was unusual for young children in this present day to be fans of someone like Elvis, but it seems his fan club won't die just yet....... Yes she is a music fan, but bless her, she cannot sing a note,  ( she takes that after me, I too can't sing )  but it doesn't stop her from singing... When Becky gets up to dance, little Aaron bounces up and down along with her in his playpen ..it is fun to watch..... Hope you have a fantastic new year...

@ MarvelAtTheWords .... Thank you so much, I too am glad it did go well.. Actually that for me was the best Christmas present I could ever receive  to see my kids getting better and feeling well again.. My childrens health is more important than any holiday or present... Happy new year to you.

@ Tsa-La-Gie-Oyate ... Awww you have a new born baby girl.. that is so lovely.. Her first little Christmas ..You must post me a picture of your little one...I love to look at baby pictures...I hope you and your family  have a fantastic new year...
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Still Waters
Dec 27 2012 12:28 PM
It's so good to hear all is well BM and I hope Becky gets rid of her cold soon.

Your photos are just beautiful....A very happy and healthy New Year to all of you :)
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@ Still Waters - Thank you, and I hope you have a fantastic new year with your family
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Lovely family!
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White Crane Feather
Dec 28 2012 01:55 PM
Such a beautiful family BM.

We were all sick aswell. Christmass eve spent in the ER with my little one. Similar symptoms as yours but , he had croup. Two breathing treatments and a shot of steroids. Almost went back christmass night aswell. Sick babies are no fun. :(

We have a cool vaporizer now. We get to sleep in a constant wash of myst. It's kind of neat.

Happy new year to you and your family.
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@Quite Contrary ..Thank you

@ Seeker79 ..Sorry you also had to face sick babies.. it is just awful...  The doctor at the local GP clinic  suggested they may give Aaron a shot of steroids too, but when we got to the hospital, the baby doctor said Aaron was a bit young and he wouldn't be happy giving him the steroids

Don't you just find yourself thinking - I wish it were me who was sick and not the children?    I hope your kids are much better...


      We have a cool vaporizer now. We get to sleep in a constant wash of myst. It's kind of neat.        

I was looking at humidifiers ..A number of people on Amazon said they found them helpful for anyone with a bad cough or cold... I think I will look into the vaporizer you mention


      Happy new year to you and your family.                

Happy new year to you too and your family
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Dec 29 2012 02:55 AM
Nice baby boy photo (last one)!
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little_dreamer, on 29 December 2012 - 02:55 AM, said:

Nice baby boy photo (last one)!

Thank you
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