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chicken or egg debate

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#16    babyforrest


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Posted 27 February 2004 - 02:57 AM

I actually figured that out in high school biology class.  We were learning about mutations, etc., and all of a sudden I thought, "It's the egg!  The egg came first!" Aslan's way was good, too. tongue.gif  wink2.gif  

Let's rock this joint!

#17    man_in_mudboots



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Posted 27 February 2004 - 02:02 PM

i dont mean to brag, but i figured that out in 1st grade, no kidding.

#18    ambyglam


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Posted 28 February 2004 - 12:25 AM

i already stated this in a previous post!


#19    Gazz



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Posted 28 February 2004 - 12:58 AM

For the record I plan to have the egg
first for breakfast blush.gif
But I will admit eggs give me gas! tongue.gif

Later I plan to have chicken for lunch,
fried of course grin2.gif

So For me the egg came first!

Gazz rolleyes.gif  

#20    AXIOMS


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Posted 28 February 2004 - 01:39 AM

Psychic penquin has the best answer! Love it!

Really...The glass is completely full- half with air, half with water. Or completely full with nitrogenm hydrogen and oxygen molecules.

The better question is not where we come from because should we ever find an answer it will merely be a platue. There will then be a WHY?or WHERE? from that platue. The more important quetion is where are we going and why?

The chicken came first.For the sake of answering the  senario we must summize that either one could have spontaineously derived from some hyper dimensional stasis.
After all the BIG BANG is a spontaineous reaction that suddenly caused things to happen ( All in an instant on a registry of which we would be meofaunic nanosecond impulses)This application given it is suredly that the chicken came first for without the specifically designed body tempature of the chicken as an incubator, the egg would not hatch. Further, without the intuitive instincts of the chicken to find safe haven to incubate the egg, the egg would become diner for any of a given predators including entropic decay!

To say that evolution is the resounding arpiture of finality is stepping ahead of ourselves. The BIG BANG is simply spontaneous reaction. An instant event that of which we are a microsm. An extremely minute servomechanism- perhaps a metaphorical trait of a molecule in an extremely large explosion, by comparsion. We may percieve its expansion as a nano function of its process. However, in and of its self and a registry far without our physical conception the universe is an instant event. Therefore it is plausible that there is  intension to the ignition of the BIG BANG and therefore a specific or intentional design. That being given evoltion is an act of creation. And we discover that routed around oppossing poles of the debate is the centered medium. The truth. That both evolution and creation co-exist and support each other. And this is why mankind has the ability to interpret both version. So that in furtherance of itself - probably not in our lifetime- it will one day recognize the mutual frame and expand its concept of GOD or PHYSICS!

At that point we would probably have evolved with an actual extra perception capability such as completely like minds, the first step to axiomatic telepathy. Though no one really wants a completely telepathic society. Everybody really wants to be telepathic themselves. LOL but its true. Something about feeling too inferior and that would make us feel superior! LOL

Dont everybody copy me now...another after the fact

Edited by AXIOMS, 28 February 2004 - 11:59 AM.

#21    Diebytheflyguy



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Posted 28 February 2004 - 02:25 AM

QUOTE (stillcrazy @ Feb 26 2004, 10:15 PM)
Chicken and egg are lying in bed. The egg is smoking a cigarette and looking very pleased with itself.
The chicken, clearly disappointed, says well I guess that answers THAT question.

Your not promoting smoking are you?

But otherwise LOL. And who said you all don't have a sense of humor.



Goto the Marijuana debate.. I sure am there

#22    Fluffybunny


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Posted 28 February 2004 - 03:43 AM

QUOTE (man_in_mudboots @ Feb 27 2004, 06:02 AM)
i dont mean to brag, but i figured that out in 1st grade, no kidding.

I think you just did sparky... rolleyes.gif  

Too many people on both sides of the spectrum have fallen into this mentality that a full one half of the country are the enemy for having different beliefs...in a country based on freedom of expression. It is this infighting that allows the focus to be taken away from "we the people" being able to watch, and have control over government corruption and ineptitude that is running rampant in our leadership.

People should be working towards fixing problems, not creating them.

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