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Dear Lord what have I done...

Posted by Kipperphoenix , 27 May 2012 · 316 views

So I sure feel bad for anyone who's waited 2 1/2 years for my next post! D:

I'm here to tell you that this blog is officially DEAD, but I won't be deleting it because I want to leave this piece of crap I once called a blog up. Why you may ask, well I have no freaking clue.

I'm also here to tell you that I'm still blogging about paranormal news and videos (and doing a much better job at it to) just not on UM. It's on Tumblr. If you want to read over 150+ paranormal news posts with detailed information and my thoughts on them all, then head on over to theparanormalblog.Tumblr.com! I update the blog DAILY with new stories/videos/photos!

My paranormal news blog is the most unique paranormal blog on the whole internet combining detailed info with comedy thrown in all while being informative and fun! You won't get that anywhere else, I assure you that! So head on over and give it a read if you want!

Anyways, that's it for now. This might be the last blog entry I ever put up on UM, but I'll still be on the forums every now and then if anyone care. So bye for now and hope to see you on my Tumblr page! :D

Thanks, will look it up.

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